Jody Poulter - Figure Competitor

I wanted to challenge myself further than I could have ever imagined. The idea of being on stage etc was so far out of my comfort zone that having it as a goal was something of a dream.

I follow a 0 fat, low carb diet. Having no added fats seems to work for my body, before introducing this protocol I couldn’t shift a percent. During comp prep my diet is always in a deficit, so I will always ensure I am burning more than I am taking in. Without switching to a 0 added fats diet, I was struggling to see any physical changes.

I did some posing classes with Audrey Kaipio (known as the Champion Maker), but after this I worked with Jen Bliss, Jen chose poses that were perfect for my body, worked for my imbalances, and highlighted my best areas and disguised my weaknesses. Knowing that my routine was on point, allowed me to create a new persona on stage, I just wanted to show everyone what I had achieved.

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I do 2 sessions of Lactic Threshold training, mixed with 2 sessions of fasted cardio a week. I lift weights 5-6 days a week. I introduce a refeed an intense day, usually a Thursday, as I will do a heavy session with my coach in the day, and then a VERY high intensity circuit type session on a Thursday night.

Competition day has always been exciting. I don’t get nervous, I get excited. Nervous is an emotion/feeling which has negative connotations, excitement however is only positive. So come competition day it’s about enjoying the hard work, having fun with all the competitors backstage and simply realizing that all the hard work was worth it.

No future plans directly to compete, YET. I am looking to improve my weaker body parts, my legs need work to really fulfill a ‘Figure’ worthy body and I would like to attend Body Power 2017 as an athlete, working on a stand for a brand, as opposed to being a spectator as I have been for the last 4 years.

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