Jessica Rae Curry - IFBB Figure Competitor

Jessica: I began competing nearly two years ago when I met a local personal trainer and a group of beautiful driven ladies who all set a goal to compete in their first show in Texas. The whole experience was rewarding…especially bonding with the girls, sharing in the struggles and discipline, and everything that goes with walking the stage to show off the results! I came home with First in Figure Novice and 5th in Figure Classic divisions, and I was immediately hooked to the sport. I was 37 at the time I started and my only regret is that I didn’t start sooner!

The first year and a half of competition…I didn’t change my off-season to pre-contest diet, and my body suffered and I didn’t do as well as I could have. I kept with the same high protein, lots of veggies, very little fats or fruits kind of diet. Now that I have changed trainers and he has extensive experience with dieting on and off season, I definitely have a different off-season diet vs. pre-contest. I still eat fairly clean off-season with 1-2 cheat meals per week, but I certainly allow my body to relax and eat more of a balanced diet with foods I don’t get to eat when I get close to competition (ex: fruits, mozzarella cheese, bagels!. etc.) I have learned by my own example that our bodies need to have the healthy variety of foods (with an occasional cheat meal) off season in order to make improvements during the next competition season.

The most effective diets really depend on the person and their goals. I have found that my body loves and reacts well to fats (whereas other competitors may respond better to carbohydrates). So, for me, during competition season, I make sure I eat protein 6x a day with a complex carb during the first 1-3 meals (depending upon how close I am to competition), phosphorous carbs (veggies), but little to no fats. The fats come back in the week of competition so that I fill out!

Other than me not doing an off-season diet plan correctly, no diet plan I have followed has really ever “failed” me or was ineffective. However, there are some things I have tried before a competition that caused me to “spill” over or look soft on stage. One thing I tried was eating hamburger the night before the show and a cheesecake slice the morning before the show. Well, first of all, I never tried eating high fat foods or dessert the night before/morning of the show so I really didn’t know how my body would react. It didn’t work for me so I didn’t peak on stage…and quite frankly, it was my worst appearance on stage thus far. That being said, it taught me a valuable lesson with diets…don’t ever try something new the night before/morning of the show!

I have used fat burners which have helped me lean out. I generally take these 30 minutes before my fasted cardio (i.e., cardio on an empty stomach) in the morning.

I have had 3 trainers in my competition career, all with their different training styles. Honestly, I have learned a lot from each of them and they have all helped me get to where I am today. My first trainer used more of a “cross-fit”/interval approach with cardio intervals interspersed with weights and this really helped me lose body fat in my beginning stages of competition. Now that I have a certain leanness and changed trainers, my trainer now focuses on more isometric moves targeting my “backside”. I am blessed to have a fabulous trainer (Ernesto Osorio with One to One Gym in Houston, TX) so he helps me balance my diet and training regimen. I’d say he’s been very successful with me so far…with trophies and a Pro Card from the 3 shows I have competed in with him in 2013!

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