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Jennifer: I have been working out for over 11 years. I started basically as a cardio queen lol... I hired a trainer to try to get back to shape after having a baby boy. I worked extremely hard with diet and pushing weights.

One day at the gym a lady commented that I should try to do a comp. so I decided whitest loose. And I wanted get into even better shape. The minute I stepped on stage, I fell in love with the anticipation and heart throb. I actually was really excelling and pretty good at it. Therefore I am goal orientated person and felt I needed to keep on pushing to the next level.

My diet stays pretty consistent. During my off season I do add in a little more fats into my diet and allow myself to have one cheat meal a week.
During contest prep I do a lot of carb cycling and cut out all my fat intake. No dairy and no sugar, during off season you need to keep carbs in most meals, and add fat in so you can actually build muscle properly. There is a complete science behind the amazing bodybuilding physique.

Jennifer VanZant

Jennifer VanZant

I have done no carb cycle plans to lose weight and it works, but mentally and physically it's horrible. I own a full service skin care and day spa with 11 employees, so therefore I need my brain power and to be upbeat through long days. I prefer carb cycling with keeping carbs in your diet.

Weight training is my therapy, I get to take all my long days into the weights. I focus more on building my shoulders and widening my back.. oh and never forget those glutes. Diet is easy. I've taught myself some amazing quick recipes that are crock pot friendly, and I also eat a lot of white rice which is super easy to cook. There are no excuses for people. I am never able to sit and rest and still make time to prep my food.

Strutting myself on stage has to come within. I have felt that at age 37 I have accomplished and pushed through so many obstacles and hurdles. I feel I worked extremely hard and should be proud of what I have accomplished. before I step on stage I re tell myself ,,,(you have raised a son, built a business, overcame bankruptcy, losing your home. To re building a better business and becoming extremely successful and earning my pro card on my 2nd show. I talk myself up that I deserve to be my best....

I recently just competed at the Arnold classic Australia. It was an amazing experience. As athletes we work and put our bodies through a lot. I felt that the Arnold Australia went over a beyond to make us feel special. I truly felt like a princess. I had a driver to welcome me and tour me through Melbourne, they went over a beyond to make each one of us was the most amazing contest and trip of my life. If they will have me, I will be there next year.

Future plans.... well, I am in the process of opening another medical day spa with a dear friend in my local town Vacaville Ca. But as far a competing and modeling, I will always pursue, this is my hobby and my passion. I am currently prepping for governors cup in Sacramento, and I will see how my points are to see my next endeavor. I will be putting in for Arnold Ohio and Australia, I also will be partaking in culver city show and possibly San Diego show. I try to not spread myself to thin and take a good time off to give my body a break and my family time for us to enjoy each other and travel.

I don't do personal training but I will help in Diet coaching. I can help with an exercise program and diet. The one thing I enjoy the best is seeing someone get fit and that I helped them achieve their goals. I love to help and guide people. That is my passion. I feel I have been placed here on earth to help and inspire people.

I couldn't do this aloneI need a team, family and friends helping and pushing me to better myselfYou can not move...

Posted by Jen VanZant IFBB Pro on Monday, September 28, 2015

Jen VanZant IFBB Pro

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