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I started the road to competing this past February. One of my close friends and I decided to start the prep life and competing at the same time even though we are living in different states. We used to work out together all the time and this was a way to keep us connected and try something new in the fitness world. I was very new to this world and had to do a lot of research regarding the bodybuilding profession and where to start. I found my trainer and coach online and she has been one of the best finds to help me on this journey.

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I started my prep in February and had my first competition in the end of May at the Kuclo Classic in Dallas and just had my second show on August 5th at the Lee Labrada in Houston. During this time I was on prep except for a 2 week break in between shows where I was still eating clean. During my prep or pre-contest I follow a strict guide for my macros (averaging 1200-1400 calories/day) and add in carb cycling when needed or if I am not seeing the gains we were expecting. This is now my first off season phase of this fitness journey and my goals are to maintain a healthy and clean diet to maintain my body condition but also be able to build muscle and areas of my body during this timeframe. With my goal to come back in the spring in even better body condition for my next pre-contest period.
Since this has been my first season of competing I donít have a lot of experience of what is working the best and worst, but I do feel that my current plan is going great and am excited to see where the next year leads.

I do 5 days of weight training per week: legs, shoulders, arms and abs, glutes/plyometrics, and back. Day 6 I do only cardio or HIIT and day 7 I rest. I tend to have my carb heavier days on leg and glute days to help build those areas. I am currently focused on building my legs, glutes and abs. My upper body responds very quickly to training. I am an emergency veterinarian so I work 3-4 overnight shifts a week, so finding a balance between the gym, sleep, and work can be very challenging during the nights that I work.

Overall I can be a reserved and a quiet person, but there is a part of myself that loves to be in the spotlight and strut on stage. The rush of being in the best shape of your life and moving towards and meeting goals that you have made before the stage is an amazing feeling that easily is addictive. I love the fitness component to this sport and seeing what my body can achieve. I do this sport for myself and the goals I have set and it is an amazing feeling to be on stage and know how hard I have worked to get there.

What an amazing rush! I finished my first NPC bikini competition by placing 1st in the Masters Class at the Kucklo Classic!!!???????? The love and support that I have had through this journey has been amazing and so important to how I got here!!! Shout out to my amazing husband @kesldl0a who has been supporting and encouraging me along the way! This one is for you baby!!! ??????? And another shout to @tatiana_debique an amazing coach who helped get my body and my mind to competition level!! I'm ready for the next!! Let's do this!! ????????? And to my bestie @kortneyunruh who placed this "crazy" idea in my head in the first place!! You are next and I will be right there with ya!! ???????? Here's to moving onward, upward, and to living and loving life to the fullest!!! ? Cheers!! Xox~ #kucloclassic2017 #npcbikini #npcbikinimasters #koshmanfitnesssystems #tatianadebique #proprepbysandy #cjelitesuits #glamcompetitionjewelry #protan #kris10fierce #DwelleAthletics #lipologybylacy #amysperfectpout

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Overall my experience with the contests have been nothing but positive. The Kuclo was my first show and much bigger than the Lee Labrada, my second show. I had no idea what to expect my first show and honestly no nerves going into it since it was all new and I had no expectation of myself. I loved every minute of it; from the check-in, tanning, hair, make-up, pre-judging and finals it was definitely a place I knew what wanted to come back to and keep this new found sport a priority in my life. My second show I did feel slightly more nervous during the pre-judging. I think it was more of a mental challenge for me because now I expected more from myself having been through it all once. The second show made me much more aware of the mental game that this sport and competitions can have and I know where improvements need to be made.

Being an athlete and devoting so much training, time and passion into this sport does affect every aspect of your life whether you want it to or not. It affects your social life and going out for happy hour several times a week just cannot happen while you are prepping for a show. Most of my friends and family are very supportive and completely understand some of the changes that I have had to make in regards to diet or plans to go out on the town. A person still needs to go out and have a good time with family and friends but it is nice to have support when you do. Devoting the time at the gym can also take away time from other things so a person must be able to find balance and still enjoy life outside of the competition world as well. However, I have also loved finding new friends and competitors that are on the same journey and know exactly what you are going through and why we all love it. Support is important in every aspect of your life.

Currently I will be in an off season probably until the spring. I want to make some improvements and come out with an even stronger product for next year.

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