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I started training when I was 12 yrs old. I walked into Palm Beach gym at 13 yrs old. John Defendis, Mr USA worked there. I walked up to him and told him I want to be a bodybuilder, can he train me. With a big smile my journey started. I entered my 1st show at 15 Ms. West Palm Beach and placed 2nd in the middle weight division. I then went on to enter the Ms. Sunshine State 1st place, Teen Florida 2nd and Teen USA 2nd. I stopped competing at 21, but never stopped training.

I had 3 children of which I homeschooled all 3. From elementary through high school. At age 44 I decided to start competing again. I entered the NPC Sunshine State, NPC Southern States placed 5th in open figure, Master's Nationals. NPC Championship Harbor Classic 2nd place Physique, Figure open and masters divisions. NPC Hurricane Bay, 1st place in physique and Figure open and masters. I qualified for Open NPC Nationals in Miami 2017, which I'll be entertaining and competing in Figure.

TBT~ One year difference to date. Off season... Consistency and determination are just best friend. Although the changes don't come overnight, they will!, as long as you don't give up!!! IFPA Certified Personal Trainer and NPC Figure and Physique Competitor. #warhammer Athlete! @warhammerpatrick @warhammer_gym_gear. Code jennie saves you 10% ???????????? #nevergiveup #motivation #determination #shredded #victory #focus #bodybuilding #npccompetitor #athlete #muscle #figure #fitness #gym #model #fitness #fitmom #shelifts #trainer #ageisjustanumberbaby

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I eat clean all year round. I still do cardio all year round, just not as much as pre contest. Off season I still eat clean, I just up my calories. Try and put on as much lean muscle as possible. Usually about 6 weeks out I start cutting back on my calories. Cutting back on my red meat and watching my carb intake.

As far as training I usually train heavier off season, I implement super and giant sets. I keep my cardio (usually StairMaster) to 3 days a week. Some people gain alot of weight from eating anything and every thing off season. With me I have more trouble putting on weight, hence limiting my cardio. Meal prepping is a MUST every night I get Meal #1 and #2 ready for the next day. I usually eat 5 meals a day. With one cheat meal on the weekend.

I have never had any problem with nerves on stage. I absolutely love posing on stage, time to show off all the work I put in all year round. I usually try and encourage the other competitors who seem to be having a difficult time with their nerves.

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I approach each contest with a good attitude. I know I trained as hard as I could. It's a blessing to be able to do this my entire life. The journey is part of the victory. You never know what the judges are going to look for at the show you are going in. Sometimes they want to see more muscle, and sometimes they don't. You don't know until you're on stage and see your competition. If the majority of the girls are more muscular, it's time to flex as hard as you can. And the opposite applies if the girls are less muscular. Improvise!

In 2016 I qualified for NPC Nationals 2017 in Figure and Physique. However I will be entering only in the Figure division. I know the competition will be at its best for 2017 NPC Nationals this year. That's why I'm training as hard as I can 11 months prior to show.

My favorite sayings are; "age is just a number and the journey is part of the victory ". I'll be 50 going into Nationals this year and I'm in the best shape of my life. I give God all the Glory, for I'm nothing without Him.

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