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I always did sports in high school and loved being in shape. After I graduated I continued to workout at golds gym and saw this awesome girl that always looked so amazing and asked her about her routine. She said she was a bikini competitor! Told me all about shows and I was hooked.

Off season Iím definitely more lenient with food but I still track what I eat. And lift heavy to build more muscle with the extra food I eat. Especially shoulders and glutes. The best proteins that work for me for prep are fish and lean turkey. I eat grains oats rice earlier in the day. Plenty of veggies. For my fats I use avocado, almonds, and peanut butter!

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I have yet to step on the stage! I was 3 weeks out from my very first show last June and I found out I was pregnant with my sweet baby boy. So it was put on hold but now things are regulated and Iím clear to lift and Iím getting back into my grove! I am in prep now losing weight. I havenít picked a show yet. My son will be my motivation on stage.

I workout six days a week 1 day is strictly glutes 2 days shoulders/tris 2 days legs 1day bis back. On leg/glute days I will have a higher carb meal before my lift for energy. Protein always after workouts. Cardio depends on my current physique when starting a prep. Right now I do quite a bit of cardio. Treadmill stair master sprints jump ropes I like to mix it up!

I have yet to compete but Iím ready to get on that stage and show all my hard work. I admire all athletes who have the courage and mental/bodily strength to do these competitions.

Over all this lifestyle affects my life positively! It is a lot harder with an infant but I still manage to get workouts in and meals! It's hard when friends/family members tell me ďoh you can have just oneĒ (doughnut, cookie, burger) when they donít understand how hard it is to say no. I love this lifestyle and I wouldnít want to live any other way.

Iím currently studying nutrition and personal training! Canít wait to take my test and start helping others achieve their goals. My ultimate goal is to be a fitness coach and a fitness model! So I will continue to work on my body get my pro card and get my name out there. Nothing good comes easy!

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