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An update from Jeannie Paparone
January 2017

It all started after I finished high school being an all state gymnast. After high school I was Anorexic, and so I needed to do something for my body and was still able to compete. I saw Lenda Murray (my idol) on TV and thought to myself, "That's what I want to do" I loved that she was sexy and feminine at the same time. My first show was in 1994 took first place and overall and the rest was history.

My diet changes a little not much from off season to on season. I try to stay lean all year round. Off season I have a little more cheat meals. I found that to get lean and keep muscle I keep it simple. Chicken, brown rice, and broccoli, adding in some peanut butter and almonds for my fats.
Some diet plans I tried was being on a all fish diet. Didn't work for me at all! I was really bloated from the oils of the fish. Also, sweet potatoes don't work for me either.

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My training program is Old School training. I workout out 6 days a week and working the body groups one day a week. My cardio is 30-45 minutes on step mill or bike. When I compete its an hour on the step mill. Balancing my training and diet I make sure I have food with me at all times.

My self confidence to get on stage is the result of my background in gymnastics for so many years. I've competed in dancing, and gymnastics since I was 7 years old so it just came natural to me.

I haven't competed since 2013 when I did the Ms. International. I am very relaxed going into check-ins and then going back to my hotel room and posing and last minute preparations getting ready for prejudging. I try not to stress too much because I don't want my body to hold on to water, which will do if you're stressed. Finals is a piece of cake because you do your routine and you're more relaxed. I loved competing on stage.

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My future plans, I am retired for right now, but thinking about making a comeback maybe this year depending how women bodybuilding goes with the new promoter Wings of Strength. I am still Personal Training in Las Vegas and I also make Oatmeal protein muffins called "Jeannies Fitness Muffin Shop" and also me and my fiance are doing meal prep called "Fit Meals 4 U".

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