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Background: Funny story. I have always been in to fitness in some way but it was not until I found out I had a compression fracture in my spine on my T7 vertebrae that I decided to compete! My career in the military was on the line and I was told I have to go to the gym for physical training. While there I got with a trainer and thought to myself, "this is not the end of me!" I told my trainer I wanted to compete and that led to my first small show on Fort Stewart where I ended up winning Miss Fort Stewart 2015!

Diet: Well during off-season I try to eat relatively clean, but I also enjoy my comfort foods like (taco bell, pasta, cheesecake, etc.) I know that my on season diet is strict so when I am in my off-season I don't see the need to deprive myself but with that said I still continue to exercise and I add more cardio. My pre-contest diet is very well thought out on the other hand. Lots of lean proteins, vegetables, very few fruits, peanuts, whole grain rice, cottage cheese and with my coffee I use honey instead of sugar. I don't think I have found a diet that is most effective. My best advice to someone is you have to make a lifestyle change not just a diet! Also when your body has certain cravings give your body what it craves in moderation! If not then sooner or later you will still give in to those cravings but you'll end up over eating. In my "pre-contest diet" I would always mix in a tablespoon of dark chocolate chips in with my peanuts. It was enough to calm my sweet tooth but not enough to do harm. I would also say don't worry so much about calories!! I like to look at how many carbs and protein is in my food and usually for every meal I try to eat more protein than carbs.

I tried counting calories, no carbs at all, an all liquid diet, the list goes on and on! It wasn't until my trainer at that time stopped me and said listen eat six meals a day, eat clean, try to eat more protein than carbs, don't starve yourself, and drink lots of water!!! That is when I noticed changes in my body and I never felt hungry! I believe the others did not work because in some way I was always hungry and they were not fueling my body the way it needed to be fueled to keep up with my training!

I lift and do cardio 6 days a week in my on-season with my rest day being a yoga day. In my off-season I lift 5 days a week and do cardio 6 days a week. My cardio ranges from running, the stair master, the Jacob's ladder, swimming, or biking. I balance training with my diet by always having my food with me! I love my sixpack bag!! I also try to plan my training in between my eating times which is every 2-3 hours!

Building self-confidence: This was difficult for me because I have always struggled with Body Dysmorphic Disorder. So I always saw flaws that no one else saw in me. Weeks out I started practicing my routine in a room filled with tons of mirrors with my trainer and then I would invite friends over to my house and practice for them. The positive feedback helped build that confidence! I will say though I wasn't fully confident stepping on the stage. I don't think any competitor is. You never know what your competition will bring to the table, but the best thing I think to myself to keep my confidence in the game is, "Make it to the stage! You have come so far, and it doesn't matter what everyone else looks like! You brought your best it is all on the judges from here!"

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Feelings: Haha nervous, confident, insecure, happy, scared oh the list goes on with my feelings. I remember standing back stage talking with my coach and trainer RC Allen and asking him over and over if I was good. After awhile he stopped answering me and told me to get my butt to the stage it will be what it will be!! I took home 1st in Physique Tall and 3rd in Figure Tall. I also remember thinking briefly "what am I doing?!?!" After walking on the stage though those thoughts were gone and it was game time! A judge and now good friend messaged me a few weeks after the show and told me to "keep my look" he said because of the military I walked out with this stern look of confidence, but when I popped in to my poses I had a smile that lit the room!! He said that made me very memorable and he looks forward to seeing my progress in the body building world!

As of right now I have taken 2016 off. I am in a tough military school and I am a single mom raising my daughter so I figured it would be best to not over load my plate. I am still training, but I am also enjoying my life off-season! Next year though I hope to hit the stage again better than ever probably around June 2017!! For now though my sponsors are amazing and I still post on social media for their company!! They have the most awesome gear!! I recommend everyone check out Extreme Rush Apparel and they can use my code jc30!!

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