Janet Esterkes - WNBF Bodybuilding Pro

Janet: When I was 14 and my brother was 16.5, he started working out. As a young male, my brother’s body started changing rapidly. He got me watching the all time greats like Arnold, Lou Ferrigno, Cory Everson and, of course, Rachel Mclish. To me Rachel was the epitome of Natural, Beautiful Muscle. When I was 15, my brother took me to my first gym. It was one of the old dungeon type gyms, hardcore. I remember doing pull ups and not being able to move, literally, for a week. But, I was instantaneously in love. I dreamed of having muscles, competing and being like my idol, Rachel Mclish. I did not actually step on stage until I was 43 years old. My first bodybuilding competition was the Granite State Open (NGA) in 2007.

Diet: Up until I started working with Dr. Joe Klemczewski in 2012, I didn’t have much of a “diet” in my off-season. Today, I understand so much more about “Diet” in and off-season. Macronutrients are vital to not only bodybuilders, but people in general. Today I am more able to maintain a healthy off-season weight and still stay within 10-12 lbs of stage readiness. I never count calories in off or in season. My diet is macronutrient based. Whatever Dr. Joe says that's what I do. I pretty much eat the same no matter what season. I have foods that are just yum go to foods for me; turkey, sweet potato, squash, greens, steak, fish and ground beef. Not a chicken lover.

My diets were always drastic when I was getting ready for a show. Mostly severe carb-depletion diets that were more harmful when trying to come off show dieting.

I really do not use many supplements. Sometimes creatine before a workout and some glutamine. I mostly use multi-vitamins and lots of Glucosamine and shark cartilage for my joints. Oh and a good whey protein, like P4P post workout.

Training: My workouts vary from week to week and of course are driven at this point by how much time I have in my day to fit it in. Some weeks are more strength training, some more high-intensity functional training. I always take a day off, usually Sundays to rest and recover. I eat really well, watch my diet, even in my off-season, but get to eat a little more and allow myself some cheating when I’m not getting ready for a show.

As of right now, after two straight years of successful competing, I took 2014 off to rest, recover and work on my business. The Training Station LLC/Diet Doc Danvers, MA. I hope to compete next fall in the Monster Mash and at Worlds with the WNBF.

Janet Esterkes, WNBF Bodybuilding Pro
Pro Winner WNBF Northeast Classic 2013
Third Place Winner WNBF Worlds Light weight Division 2013
Co-Owner of: The Training Station, LLC in Danvers, MA/The Diet Doc Danvers, MA
Facebook: www.facebook.com/jleoneesterkes
Personal Trainer/Competition Coach/Nutrition Coach

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Janet Esterkes

Janet Esterkes