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My name is Janelle Arigo. I have been competing since 2007. I have been working out since my late teens. I had a friend who had competed as a body builder and a figure competitor. She begged me for ten years to do a show. I always said no because I didn’t want to look like “a body builder”. She finally convinced me to do a show. I dieted for three weeks and kept my workouts as is. Although my posing definitely needed help, I came in third place in my first figure competition. I continued to compete and in 2008 I had shoulder surgery to in order to continue competing. I have a pin and three anchors in my right shoulder.

I continued to compete and did my own diet. I placed in the top five in figure and fit body over the next couple of years. In 2010 I was in a bad car accident where I tore my neck and injured my lower back. I was out of the gym for almost a year. Depressed and of course having extra weight on me I got the ok to go back to the gym. This time around I started to train for body building. I lost 37 pounds going from 142 to 105. I did not place in the top five but came in sixth. I also had another shoulder surgery on my left shoulder due to the accident. I kept at it hitting the top three in the WNBF World Championships in Atlantic City as an amateur. Still determined I won my pro card in June of 2013 as a body builder and in fit body. A week later I won my figure pro card!

I have always trained hard and use the philosophy of a power lifter to work out. I always eat clean but do not deny myself of a cheat meal. In my off season when I eat more carbs I can get some great strength going. This helps me to gain lean muscle easily. When I am in training, my carbs are monitored very closely. They are also manipulated to lean me out.

My diet for competition has varied. Carb cycling I find is what does my body best. I have been on really restricted diets and my body has shown how bad it was for me. My hair would fall out and get really dry. My sleep pattern was horrible and as you know you need sleep to grow. My metabolism has been very damaged from poor dieting as well. I am in the process of repairing it as we speak and have had to sit out the fall season. I was very disappointed that I had paid someone that did not have my health in mind. It is all about your body fat percentage not a weight.

I only use BCAA’s and protein powder for supplements. I try to derive everything from eating real food, no fat burners or any supplements. I do take a multivitamin. I have everything in my diet that a healthy body needs to be in this sport. My only downfall is I have a severe peanut allergy but I compensate with sunflower butter or almond butter.

I will be hitting the stage again in the spring time. I am going to venture on into different all natural federations like the IFPA, DFAC and ANBF.

Would love to help anyone with eating, lifting and competing. My email is Janelle.arigo@icloud.com

Thank you so much!

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Janelle Arigo

Janelle Arigo

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