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I've always been and athlete, a tomboy at heart. Basketball was my passion when I was younger then through university I started boxing with Motorcity boxing club in Oshawa On. I loved the individual responsibility of the sport. From there I searched for a new challenge that would force me to conquer my mind and push myself towards my best, a friend of mine had competed in the past, I picked his brain and ran with the idea from there. Into the first few months of training I was taken under the wings of 2 time provincial bodybuilding champion Stephan Smith, who then guided me through the remaining months of my prep, he was a blessing in regards to building a physique fit for competitions, as well as keeping me mentally focused with our impromptu pep talk sessions.

Diet and Training

As for off season, I'm still figuring this side of competing out for myself. Reverse dieting is not as fun as eating everything you crave but I definitely have realized its importance, not just physically, but mentally as well. To slowly transition your body from stage condition is much less of a shock if you can commit to a good reverse diet. Where your body adjusts to increased calories slowly through the weeks following your show. you will have less drastic changes to adjust to physically, visually and therefore mentally directly after your show.

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On season diet is easy to me because once my mind is made up about competing and my goal is set I'm all business. Preparation of food is pivotal to be successful! My coach ensures I'm eating the proper amount of protein and not running scared of carbs. A lot of people (including myself at one point) think that carbs = bad; this is not the case it's definitely a necessity during prep to give you energy to continue to work so hard. During off season there's normally more wiggle room for cheat meals, and a bit more carbs in your diet, but everyone is different on how food works for them, this also take time to figure out. I stand behind that fact that diet is number one for changes to occur and exercise is the second component.

My first competition I listened to the wrong avenues and was very low carbs to none, luckily someone that knew better stepped in and educated me. Proteins, Carbohydrates (stay away from simple carbs), and healthy fats with proper portions is the simplest and most effective way to a positive diet plan.

Cardio obviously changes with off-season to contest prep. However my lifting stays the same, I am always trying to improve my strength so I can grow. I train bodybuilding style for the past 4 years now. I also incorporate a lot of stretching and mobility exercises, for longevity and joint health this is PIVOTAL and often a forgotten necessity. I've falling in love with HIT cardio training this off-season, and do most of it on the treadmill. (an assault bike works as well) I will tell anyone that diet is the first component to success, and training is a close second.

On Stage

I was lucky to have a job that I wore heels to which gave me confidence in the shoes; this plagues a lot of us athletic girls. I've also taken a lot of guidance in regards to visualization, if you've seen yourself on stage, walking, posing and smiling a million times before, once show day comes it's easier to commit and execute. I have a secret weapon of a background in stage theater in my younger years, this definitely helped me.
Also taking pride in all your hard work and hours spent in the gym for those moments on stage gives you the confidence to hold your own up there.

A memory that stands out for my at my last show the OPA 2016 GNC Allmax Mo-Muscle Classic was the anticipation and camaraderie felt during check-ins and the athlete meeting. You have a room full of competitive people, that have all worked for months maybe years at a goal, and they are 1 day away from displaying all of their hard work. The vibration in that room is incredible and intense all at the same time.
The day of show there's always some nerves, and excitement, I know for me it's the smaller things about show day that I love. My family and some friends have consistently supported me and for me to get to revel my package to them on this day feels like an amazing accomplishment. I also love to take the time to appreciate & share positivity between fellow athletes and anyone that has contributed to my success. So much goes into show day (suit, hair, makeup, tan, warm up, food prep) and often we have a lot of thanks to give. Paying this respect back is so important to me, because I feel I am blessed to be able to do what I am truly passionate about.

Lastly, one more memory would be winning 1st in my class and getting to compete in a battle for the overall win of this show.

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My game plan now is 100% focused on improving my package, I am continuing to work with my phenomenal coach IFBB Pro Renaldo Gairy in this off-season and we will take an even better package to Provincials 2017. I also am dedicated to continuing to motivate and pour out positivity in this industry. I love what I get to do, and have a passion to reach anyone with motivation, support, or even some uplifting humor. Fitness is a life changing blessing for me, and I love that I can share that with people.

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