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I have been quite sporty whole my life, but with gym trainings started four years ago. First goal was just to get fit for my 40th birthday, but as my body reacted quite well for weight trainings, decision to try to get competition shape was a logical step. Of course, it was a huge step mentally and physically.

I started to compete a year ago and it's my third competition season. I've been really blessed, as every season has been successful in highest level - already at my second competition ever, IFBB Diamond Cup, I took two silver medals. My second season was crowned with silver medal from IFBB European Championships and this season brought me Overall title from Tyngre Classic. Currently I'm five weeks out from the main competition of my third season - IFBB Masters World Championships - fingers crossed now ;).

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During my off season I like to eat in big surplus (more than 3000 kcal, macros divided equally) - it makes me feel strong, energetic and effective. At the pre-contest period my body is reacting best for lower carb diet and it also keeps my mind more stable in calorie deficit.
I train every day - mostly 5 days at the gym (including short cardio session), one long cardio session and one longer posing session. So as I'm a mother and also have full-time job as IT Process Manager, all my days are planned by minutes. It's not the easiest lifestyle, but doable if you love what you do.

For me, the trainings and food are the easiest part in all those things of competing. Posing, self-confidence and stage presentations are the real challenges. That's why I'm taking it really seriously and every morning, before the morning rush, I'll do one hour of posing and video analyzing.

You can have amazing physique, but you might fail already in elimination round if you don't stand out at the stage. Last weekend at the World Championships there was so many equally amazing athletes at the stage. I was so close to be in the finals of IFBB World Championships. Finally, seventh with tied points and out of Top6...that was hitting hard, but made me also more hungry. I'm really motivated to show my best now in December, at the IFBB World Master Championships - where I'll compete with ladies of my age.

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About the future. Probably will take time off at spring, but definitely want to qualify again for the IFBB World Championships and make it to the Finals!

Email: janateder@gmail.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/janateder

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