Jamie Choi - Figure Competitor

My name is Jamie Choi, I am currently 42 years old and a national qualified Figure and Bikini athlete. I first started in South Korea as a body builder and I immigrated to Canada to explore and gain a bigger opportunity in fitness.

For my diet I always made a habit to cook for myself. My meals include a balance of protein, carbohydrates and green vegetables. During my off season, I try to maximize my protein and carbohydrate intake. Also it is important to consume a variety of proteins with not a lot of oil. During my on season I restrict all the oil from my protein intake and I reduce my carbohydrate intake. I burn a lot of calories throughout the day and I know my body best. So I do not count calories but I know how much I need to eat.

In the past, I have tried a foreign water controlling diet plan, where I would drink lots of water with supplements that helps dry my body. In the end it did not work for my body because my body did not react to it appropriately.

In Korean body building, competitors were only allowed to wear simple black suits. Then when I came to Canada competitions allowed colourful, shiny and gorgeous suits. This gave me the self-confidence because it was a chance to show my muscles in a sexy and feminine way.

For my training program I always exercise different muscle groups every day. During my off season, I train heavy loads to build volume. During my on season I do my cardio at low intensity in the mornings and at night. In the afternoon I always train my body at high reps and lower the weight.

My recent contest was the Natural Regional Figure competition in Barrie. Due to my failure of water control, I was not satisfied with my body which brought my mood down. But I resulted in2nd place. Overall, it turned out okay and I also learned a valuable lesson. That lesson is that even if you are not satisfied with something you have to control your mind and stay strong and confident until the end.

My future plan is to continue to have a strong mind and workout hard. I plan to win my IFBB pro card within the next three years, and be sponsored to show my passion and dedication for fitness. I am a personal trainer who wants to be a big help to the Canadian fitness industry.

Follow Jamie on Instagram: @jamie_choi_figure
email: rugy01@gmail.com

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