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3 years ago I was 97lbs and a junior in high school. I hated my body SO much. I did everything I could to gain any kind of weight. I reached 103 lbs. I remember I said to myself, well I'm not gaining fat, so I am going to have to gain muscle. January 2nd 2015 I walked into my first gym and signed up. I worked out for a year and then switched gyms. I finally gained a little bit of muscle and saw a difference!! I met this guy who was a body builder and worked at the gym. And so on, we started dating; I went to his show at the time John Kemper Classic. I asked him if he thinks I could compete... he said “definitely!” and I said okay, let’s do this. And from there I sored. He was my coach. He helped me build 15 lbs of solid muscle while toning down.

1st place! Super proud and always looking ahead to focus on how to improve myself ???????? Thank you to my amazing coach for getting me looking tight and full and supporting me through it all! ?? @angelcompetitionbikinis for the beautiful suit I've worn the past two weekends ?? @glamcompjewelry for the beautiful jewelry ??

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Diet off-season vs. pre-contest: My diet truly doesn’t change much. I am a flexible dieter and it’s strictly macros. So if anything, my macros will fluctuate. I am a pretty good eater besides competing, so on or off season it isn’t too different. I am a huge sweets person. So Halo top ice cream has been saving my life on prep. But when you prep for so long, you don’t even want to go back to that high fructose corn syrup, crazy amount of carb foods honestly. I like my sugar free pancakes syrup at the dinner!

Not listening to my body failed me. I have the fastest metabolism I know of. I can eat a box of mac and cheese and I won’t be bloated at all. I only gain about 4lbs in the off season… pathetic lol. But people are so concerned to eat certain foods, but do your research! You do not have to eat green beans, tilapia, and sweet potatoes for 4 meals a day!! You can work your metabolism up to eat the foods you want to eat! I make awesome waffles and ice cream, French toast, pizza, potato skins, tacos…. All macro friendly! (themacroslifestyle is my Instagram for my foods!).

Self confidence: I used to be so insecure in a bathing suit I would turn down plans all summer with my friends because I did not want to be seen in a bikini. After building muscle and started to realize that this is the body I’ve always looked online and dreamed about... I came to realization that I was turning into that person looks wise. I started to get a lot of hate which really made me second guess myself…. But I came to realize that no one is you and you can’t be anyone either. You have to be you and you have to love who you are. I went from 97lbs to 117lbs. all I had to remember was how far I’ve come and truly be proud of ME. And the only person I have to please is ME. I can honestly tell you I was not nervous at all stepping on stage for my first time. Even backstage, I don’t look at any other girls at all because I know that I am the best version of myself and that is all I need to worry about.

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My cardio is HIIT cardio usually for 5-10 minutes on the stair master. Yes I said 5-10 minutes. I lift 5 times a week. Usually 2 days legs. One day glutes. And the other is upper body variations. Abs are 3 times a week. Balancing training with diet; well I eat my biggest meal in the morning and the heavier carbs as my pre workout meal so I can use that food for fuel. I am constantly prepping my meals because I am always on the go. I like to get the more gourmet foods when I’m home, and the egg whites and oats for on the road food because it is easier to get down.

I recently competed at the John Kemper Classic and the Steve Stone Metropolitans the following weekend after. I placed 1st in both shows. I checked in at 5’4 and a half. First show I was class C next show I was class D. There were so many awesome looking girls. As soon as a got moved into the middle both times, I felt butterflies in my stomach and my smile got so damn big I couldn’t control it. It was a sense of relief that my hard work is truly being seen. But remember, when you step on stage, no matter how you look, the only thing you have left to impress the judges is your posing. Posing is SO important. Practice, practice, practice.

In between shows it is fun because I get to eat a nice burger with sweet potato fries, then take a nap before finals. Finals come around and I got the two trophies between two weekends. I got home and had to make room on the shelf in my living room where all my other trophies are- along with my boyfriends… together it is a lot of trophies lol.

I was blessed to have found the right coach for me who not only coaches me, but listens to me when I have a concern about my body or I found foods that work for me.

I am currently headed to JR USAs! I am super excited. I plan on getting my procard and then starting my career. I want to train bikini competitors. And I either want to start a clothing line or open a donut shop… or both… idk! I want to see where god takes me on this wonderful journey.

Contact: jamiearcy6@gmail.com
IG: @jamiearcybikini
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jamie.arcykiewicz

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