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Iíve always been very competitive and thrived off new challenges. I love testing both my physical and mental abilities. From a young age Iíve been into a variety of sports such as netball, hockey and gymnastics where I won many trophies for best player, best sports woman, most points etc. My main sporting achievements in my teens were in 2006. I had a keen interest in Kung Fu and Kick boxing, I went on to compete in Poland where I won 1st and 2nd in both sports. I was extremely proud of my achievement because not only did I set my mind on wining and worked so hard but I was also representing the British Institute of Chinese Martial Arts. I wanted to develop my skills therefore carried on competing in more than over 30 national competitions.

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Another aspect of my life Iím proud of achieving is my qualification in personal training. Iím proud of this because it enables me to work with people from all walks of life. My clients vary in terms of ability, needs and goals. Iím continually and improving my skills, gain experience with every session. Since becoming a personal trainer I wanted to set myself a challenge. One that would not only test my abilities but also inspire my clients. I decided I was going to compete in a muscle and fitness competition and stand on stage.

Many of the women I train are interested in bikini/fitness modelling but are not sure on how to purse that route. I knew if I had gone through the process myself I could pass on that experience and my knowledge would carry more weight. I knew that competing would do favours for my profession. With all that in one hand competing also plays a huge role in my personal goal I knew if I was going to do this I was going to give it 100% effort and that meant sacrificing a social life, disciplining myself, spending more hours in the gym and doing whatever it took to stay focus on the end goal.

I believe staying committed, enjoying and embracing the process got me the result in deserved. Going up 30 other athletes I achieved 1st place in Pure Elite the muscle category earning my pro card and receiving an invite to the worlds to compete again. I also placed 2ndthat same day in the Pure Elite fitness model category. I was ecstatic with the results and I canít wait to do this again. I believe Iím totally in my element when Iím competing and can see myself doing more shows.

Iím going to continue competing and entering more shows, bringing a better look each time. Iím currently in prep for a show set towards the end of June at the Two Brothers. Straight after this Iíve entered for PCA trained Bikini. Iím doing these shows to not only win but also get more familiarised with the sport and get as much experience as possible so I can exceed in the Pure Elite Worlds which is held in November. A long side gaining experience for myself I want this to make me a better personal trainer. I want to be able to help my clients through experience and not just research.

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Cutting: I found the keto diet worked best for me to loose body fat and i was on 1300 calories for the last 6 weeks before the show.
Off season: I have a binge after show for a few weeks then back on to eating healthy but with carbs in my diet and a lot more food intake.
Cardio: 12 weeks out I done 1 hour cardio 6x a week
Cardio 6weeks out I done 90 minutes cardio 6x a week
Weights: 6x a week
Make sure you eat every few hours and drink plenty of water, I also took lots of vitamins.

It was scary I was beyond nervous but you have worked your arse off for this and you get less than 5 minutes to show it off so you have to make every second count.

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Email: jaimiplumb@gmail.com

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