Jag - Fitness Journey

1. Please tell us about yourself, and how did you get into fitness?

I got into fitness after my third child. I was an athlete growing up and my weight had ballooned to over 240#. In 2012, after I was done with childbearing I started working out at home with P90x DVDís as I was much too embarrassed and out of shape, I felt, to go to a public gym. I started really watching my diet and in hindsight kept my calories too low.

After a year of working out at home I had hit a plateau. I had lost over 100# from my highest weight but my energy level was very low. I hired a coach that was recommended to me by a random bodybuilder I met at a charity function. That guy ended up being the biggest jerk Iíve ever come in contact with. He would cut me down every chance he got and was very cruel to me with an incredibly short fuse. However, after he laughed at me that I worked out solely at home, I reluctantly agreed to go to a public gym and train 3 days a week there and the other 3 days Iíd be at home working out.
This decision to go to a public gym changed my life. He required me to start deadlifting and doing squats, which I had never done before.

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However, I quickly fell in love with them. I would constantly think about when was the next time I could deadlift. Lifting was becoming an addiction for me. Iíve always been strong for a female, even as a youth. I was never the skinny 100# girl. I was ďthe bruiserĒ in sports. Thick and strong and very aggressive. I thought about going into powerlifting and went to a show. I knew my max lifts and they were within spitting range of the 5th ranked female in the country (20 years my junior). And I wasnít even training for it. So I knew if I actually trained for it I could be one of the top ranked. However after I attended my first show, I saw the women there and I did not like their look aesthetically speaking.

I changed focus and decided I wanted to really shape my body. I wanted a physique modelís body but not compete. So I started building that. More in a bodybuilding style and not just trying to get stronger and hit PRís every week. However because I love to lift heavy, I try to walk the line of a hybrid power lifter and bodybuilder. Lifting as heavy as possible but with hypertrophy goals in mind.

2. Please describe your stregth and endurance - max lifts and reps.

Currently as I said before, I donít go in to lift PRís all the time. However my personal bests are 195 bench, 365 deadlift, 305 squat for 3 reps. I feel I am an endurance type athlete. I train in a way that my heart rate stays high so my endurance is a strength of mine.

3. What is your workout routine?

My workouts are based on my instinct. I try to train legs every third workout bc they are the slowest to grow on me. I do not count my reps but try to go to failure.

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4. When lifting so heavy, how do you motivate yourself to keep going, even when you start feeling tired?

You can't teach motivation or an alpha mentality. I was born a very competitive person and if I stop before I feel like Iím done, I would see that as a failure. I do not stop because I am an all in 100% type of person. You get my all or nothing.

5. What is the most common fitness mistake you see women make?

Common fitness mistakes. That lifting is going to make you look masculine. I think it makes a woman shapely and not flabby. Also muscle mass increases your metabolism thus you can have items that would be off limits for a cardio person or sedentary individual.

6. If you could change one thing about todayís fitness industry, what would you change or like to see changed?

Glorification of ass/booty disguised as a ďprogress picĒ. No itís just these women want attention that they arenít getting and it makes all women look bad that are gym/fitness ppl.

7. What is your favorite exercise and what is your least favorite?

Fav exercise is face pulls or handle row variations. Least favorite are squats.

8. What do you like best about your body?

My fav part of my body is my traps and lats. I heard once that any skinny person can have abs but only a fit person has traps. Itís really the marker for a fit individual.

9. Have you ever considered competing in sports or bodybuilding?

I have considered competing in physique, however I donít like the diet manipulation that has to take place. Also, I refuse to diet down and loose muscle mass. It seems like the judges just want a skeletal type female that looks like some frost bitten body they have pulled out of the ice in the mountains. The dark crappy spray tan and bodies that show rib cages- no that is not an attractive look in my opinion. I donít think it should be rewarded to starve yourself for a trophy. Not an attractive look.

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10. What do you like doing away from the gym?

Away from the gym I enjoy my job. I work for the Sheriffs department and itís something new everyday.

11. Future plans?

A future goal is to not slack off. Continue on the path of sculpting my physique.

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