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In the competition world I am a rookie or novice. I am pretty new to this. I started becoming interested in competing just over a year ago. I have the opportunity to do a photo shoot and have a spread and Beauty in the Physique magazine, #BPM. In April 2016 I met my coach and the owner of Beauty in the Physique magazine, Ty Jones. He invited me to work at his booth at the next competition, a couple weeks later. That is when I decided I wanted to do my first competition. He said that he would help me in coach me. Over the next couple weeks I found out I was pregnant so had to put that go on hold. Throughout my pregnancy I continued to work out and eat healthy because I knew you next year I would be reaching for my goal of stepping on the stage to do my first NPC bikini competition. I gave birth to my fourth child on November 2, 2016 and did my first NPC show on April 8, 2017. Ty coached me and did my diet for me checking in with me weekly and having me visit and do posing as well. I am currently planning to do my second competition in August. The mighty muscle on the Mississippi.

From off-season to contest prep my diet does change. When I am not prepping my calories are much higher than when I am prepping. I focus on more of an 80/20 balance because this is a lifestyle. I try to make sure to allow myself more I am not stress. When I am prepping for competition I follow a strict macro count and diet. My coach sets this specifically for me based on weight and measurement and goals. It is adjusted about six weeks out and again two weeks out and a week out, and if need be in between. I track my water as well and follow specifics on that too. High-protein is very important to maintain and grow muscle especially during prep, because your fats are so low it is easy to start burning muscle. I try to eat six meals and split up the calories, fat, protein, carbs I need with in each of those meals, and keep track of everything with the my fitness pal app. I also write down how are you feeling to make sure if something in my diet affects me I will know. I havenít tried many competition diets because Iíve only completed once, but I feel it was pretty accurate for me.

Jacqueline Means

My lifting program changes based on areas that may need more focus. During my prep I add 30 minutes to 45 minutes a day of fasted cardio when trying to cut body fat in the morning and do my strength training/lifting at night. HITT is incorporated in my fasted cardio. My diet and training are balanced by following a consistent scheduled. I keep track of everything as well. Tracking your workout and your food is very important to make sure everything is balanced and when there is an in balance that is where you will be able to see it so you can make the appropriate adjustments.

Finding the confidence to do something like this was pretty difficult at first. I have always been self conscious. My Why is my children. I want them to be proud, strong, confident women, and leading by example is the only way! I practiced practiced practiced my posing EVERY SINGLE DAY for 30-60 mins. I read every morning for mental strength and self satisfaction. I made sure to be open minded to constructive critisim. I practiced wearing my suit and walking in my heels everyday as well so I could be 100% confident.

I have only competed one time and it was amazing. During check it was pretty hectic there were quite a few competitors. I had to purchase my NPC card and that was when it became real to me!! I had butterflies and was full of excitement. Checking in and getting my number and badge was a pretty awesome feeling. Knowing I have dedicated so much time and energy into this and it was here! I had my spray tan that afternoon and again that evening, also donít by my amazing coach! Seeing everything slowly come together was almost unreal. During prejudging I was not nervous at all, I think it was all the practice and being up there with all the other girls. I felt like a superstar. Finals were a little different. I was actually a little nervous because it was all eyes on me now! I just kept my why in mind and when it was my turn hit the stage and rocked it the best I knew how.

Being an athlete takes a lot of time. Finding balance for family is something I have had to learn and continue to do. When I want to do something I put 110% of my effort into it because I want to be my best me. I really love being an athlete because I inspire and motivate others. In the future I plan to complete my second competition August 2017. I am blessed to be an ambassador with complete nutrition and look forward to all the opportunities that come my way in the future. I plan to compete and go as far in this industry as God plans.

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