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When I first started weight training with my hubby, I was just going to the gym to help stay "fit". I moved into powerlifting after having kids, just based on a YMCA member/ powerlifer at our gym's reaction to how I lifted. I fell in love with the sport for a few years. I took a break for a few years but still wanted to compete. I went to the Arnold Classic's that year (2015) and was so inspired. Inspired by the athletes; Amanda Doherty, Candice Lewis-Carter, Candice Keene the list goes on. These are just a few of the figure competitors I met that really inspired me. Two of them actually said "Girl, with your Delts, you need to compete, or those Delts are Crazy!, give it a try!
I got the final push I needed from an NPC posing clinic (Gloria Faulls) so much inspiration. After that I picked my first show "Aug 1st, 2015"! I was going to be 33years old by the time I would hit the stage and shooting for my first NPC Figure competition.

The outcome from that first crazy, fun and most of all addictive show was - 2nd place in Figure Novice Division & 1st in Figure Open Division. I was hooked in all aspects of this sport!!

Sheer strength, sheer excellence, sheer beauty. Jackie Knox.


Things that changed in my diet from Competition prep from offseason to inseason: My body, constantly struggles sometimes more than other people I feel. Mainly, just due to having a Neurolgical disorder that affects my chewing. I suffer from Trigeminal Neuralgia. So this offseason we approached things differently. We stuck heavily to Muscleegg & Vegan foods. My carbs were mostly organic cereals only. This was my highest carb offseason to date. I weigh and measure everything that I eat in season. This past offseason I almost followed the same protocol.
In season I stuck with mostly Muscleegg, seafood, & high carbs. Monitoring my chewing issues as needed. I did very well this time around following this prep. Last prep I was able to eat a chicken meal, a few other lean meats a day and seafood all with my Muscleegg of course until the end of prep. We have found that my body works well on a balance of high & low carbs. Not a true carb cycle, but my coach "aka, hubby" will adjust carb intake based on how I look & feel. This brings the most success in my weightloss / contest prep by far.

Failed diet: Just last (Feb 2016) while prepping for an April Show ~8weeks out, I had to stop. Mainly, due to my Trigeminal Neuralgia being so painful from the chewing (the chicken, lean meats) and stress of the weather was just taking a toll on my body. I actually thought I would never compete again to be honest. After taking two full months off and giving my body a break. I got the adrenaline rush to compete again by June and hit the Stage again by Aug 1, 2016. This time at Muscle Beach in Nj. - placed 1st in Open Figure ( it was a fast ~ 7-8 week prep) but I stuck to easier to chew protein- and cut my food much smaller which really help with the process and of course Muscleegg. For my days when chewing wasn't going to happen at all. They were always there! Muscleegg is always in my diet, but whenever I am having super bad days, I know I can always get my protein in now thanks to my amazing sponsor!! Due to that my body really has shown a difference I feel on stage.

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Jackie Knox. A go-getter who will let nothing stand in her way of her goals.


Lifting: Daily!! If not at the gym, then at home. I tend to be high strung/ lots of energy or so I'm told. I generally train 1-2 body parts each day; ex. Shoulders & glutes or just Chest or Quads by themselves esp. when in season. I train in the pm. Eating 5 meals a day spread out evenly over the day.
Cardio: 20 Mins after workout (non- fasted)
Training/ diet -totally essential. I am a firm believer in the scale way of life. Scale in the kitchen & in the bathroom ( body weights). It's a way to hold yourself accountable 100% of the time. Progress is progress. We can always feed you more to get better gains but we don't know if you need them if you don't track them. My cardio this prep was all non- fasted but again that can change with every prep. Not all preps are alike.

Building Self-Confidence

This is a pretty layered question for me. I have been in the center I guess you could say most of my life. Playing multiple sports at one time and being on ESPN for cheerleading and even breaking my high school discus track record that was over 20 years old. All because I said I wanted to get my name on that track record board when I was in 8th grade. Sure enough nothing stopped me from the time I was a senior in high school to getting my name on that board that was hanging in my high school. I became "most athletic "for my high school class" and well things just followed me. I can't always say things are easy because they are not. I have had two recent brain surgeries and even radiation. Even had to learn to walk again from the first one (this was 4years ago). I can tell you this, "how bad do you want it"? What are you willing to do to get it? That is what drives me. Because after I woke from the first surgery unable to walk without a walker, I thought this is it, but after 6month, I got better. All because I wanted it! My one leg is still smaller but every night before bed I always do a mini workout to push myself harder even if I had the hardest workout of my life (inseason/ offseason- doesn't matter).

That very first time I walked across the stage and got my "hardware" I had the biggest smile, I call it catching flies!! All of those feeling come back. Remembering, having issues walking, feeling this would never happen or just knowing what all this took or how far I have come. Then reminding myself, this is just the beginning. See people don't always know "your story" they only see you on stage for a few seconds, but you know the hard work, the months, weeks, heck years, leading to those seconds on stage. So I always tell people, be proud of you!! Proud as a peacock!! That is why I get up there and have the biggest smile and give it 100% every time no matter what. Because life is short and this is where I am meant to be.

John Kemper Classic 2017

I had an absolute blast at the show opener of the NPC 2017 season the "John Kemper Classic"! There was a wonderful turnout of competitors who were extremely friendly and the coaches at the event were just as nice as well. It was just a joy to go out on that stage and know that I gave it my absolute best. From my posing, my amazing peacock inspired Figure suit and my conditioning. It all felt just 100%.

Future Plans

After the judges feedback from this show we are going to take some time to just eat, train harder and grow some more. Bring an even bigger package through the upper back and shoulders by our next show. We will always bring our "Knox conditioning". There is no other way in our eyes. We look forward for what the future holds.

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