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I've been practicing sports since I was little. I did dance, swimming, played volleyball and handball during my school years. During the college (I am a nutritionist) I started lifting and fell in love with this life. At that time I met my husband who used to be a bodybuilder, what made me even more passionate. I used to train for myself and because I like to train hard and heavy. Although people used to tell me that I should compete I never thought about it since we moved from Brasil to US in 12/2014. I decided to give it a try in 2015 when I did my first show as a Women's Physique.

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Diet off season vs. pre contest: My diet does not change too much. We call progress season instead of off-season, since it is the time to improve my weakest point from last contest. During the progress season I usually have 2 meals untracked per week. I never tried any crazy diet, just the typical prep diet: balance between carbs, protein and good fat, 6-7 meals a day and a lot of water. This comb works great for me!
Fasted cardio everyday, sometimes after training or before bed too. I do HIIT when I don't have much time. Lifting 6-7 times per week. Sometimes I follow the same diet everyday, even when I take it off, sometimes I don't have carbs on day off. It depends on the phase and how my body is responding.

When you know that you made everything needed, that you gave your 100%, that you practice posing, it is easier to be confident on stage. Of course I wanna win, but my goal is present a better physique every time.

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It was very special for me the 2 times I did Orlando Europa Games: at home with my family and some friends! In 2016 as an amateur, I won open, master and Overall for the first time. Then in 2017 I was there as an IFBB Pro competing now with all those amazing girls who inspired me. I reached the goal that I settled one year before.

Being an athlete is like a full time job. You live, breathe and think about it all the time. It affects not just me but my whole family, my husband and my kids. They know I need to train and have my food no matter what. When we travel because of my son's games (he plays soccer for Orlando City) I need to find a gym and have my meals with me. The good part is that they have been learning a lot about discipline and commitment. I know I make them proud when they see me on stage.

I am prepping to do a show in June and then qualify to Mr Olympia.

Email: ivierhein@gmail.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ivierhein

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