Isabella Feijo - Strong Woman Athlete

My name is Isabella Feijo, I'm an athlete and Brazilian personal trainer.
I started training because I thought I was very thin, so I was very insecure, unhappy woman. However, since the beginning, about 3 years ago, the purpose of training has always been to be a strong and muscular woman, and since then I have been fighting for this goal.

I am a weightlifting and strong woman athlete, currently in a process to reduce fat percentage in order to participate in the Arnold Classic with a drier and defined body.

I have been invited a few times for bodybuilding championships, but the investment is very high, and unfortunately here in Brazil, muscular women do not have much support.

As a weight lifting athlete I do not need restrictive diets, overall my diet ranges from 3 to 5 thousand calories per day, I am currently focused on lowering the fat percentage to participate in the Arnold Classic South America event here in S?o Paulo and for this reason, drastically reduced the amount of calories ingested.

In general, we must first get to know our body, that's what works for us, in my case, I lose weight very fast, so I always have to eat correctly, to avoid losing muscle, instead of just burning fat.
My workout consists of basic and most often free exercises. I like to train with a lot of load, however, at the moment I'm doing lighter training according to the purpose of the moment. Training from Monday to Friday, approximately 1 hour per day.

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I consume about 4,000 calories daily, because the weight lifting requires large peaks of energy. Now with the focus of drying I lowered by half the amount of calories, increased protein intake and cardiovascular workouts, which I did not do before. Currently making fasted aerobic for 30 minutes, reconciled with a low carbohydrate diet.

Although I am not an athlete of bodybuilding, by choice, I participate in events and fairs to display my body, and as I said, when I was lean I was very insecure. With training and increased muscle mass, I gained self esteem and confidence in myself. My main feeling about the events I participate in is personal satisfaction is the pride of having become a strong, muscular woman.

My biggest goal today is to reach 100 kg, I want to be known as the strongest and muscular woman the world has ever seen, and despite the few resources I have, day after day I try to get closer to my dream. For this I am accepting partnerships.

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