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My name is Iina Huttu. Iím a Finnish IFBB figure athlete. I have a day job as a bank lawyer and Iím also a part-time entrepreneur as a nutrition coach.

I started to dream about competing in Body Fitness in 2011. First I was afraid to tell about my dream aloud but then I decided to do something to start to catch my dreams. I had trained by myself since 2009 and I got my first training program from the Arctic 24/7 Gym in Rovaniemi (Northern Finland) in 2010. In 2012 I took my first meal plan from the same gym. In the end of the year 2012 I realized that my progress had stopped and I took contact to my current coach Jaana Kotkansalo. Jaana has a good reputation in Finland and sheís an excellent coach. Jaana had a pro card during her competition career and she has even competed in Figure Olympia! We started our co-operation in February 2013 and it still continues.

I had my first competition in April 2016. I got 3rd place in Body Fitness Beginners +168cm and I continued straight to the next competition. It started straight away after Beginners and was a general competition in Body Fitness +168cm. I got 4th place and left only one point from the 3rd place. I got the place to the Finnish National Championship in October 2016 and now I have 4 weeks out till Finnish Nationals.

I lost about 11 kilos during my first competition prep from the beginning to my competition condition. My first competition prep was 20 weeks and my second prep (which is still going on) is 15 weeks. I had 2,5 months between my diets and my weight for the second contest prep was lower than I had for the first diet. The second contest prep has also been mentally easier when I already know whatís going to happen and everything isnít so new anymore.

Diet and Training

In the beginning of my competition prep I have quite big calories (carbs, fats, proteins). During the diet we decrease carbs and fats step by step to get my body tighter. I eat mostly the same food during the off season and competition prep, but I eat more carbs during the off season. I also eat cheat meals and my meal plan isnít so tight during the off season. When the competition prep is on, I donít have any cheat meals and I eat only according to my meal plan. During the competition prep I have carb loading days which keeps my metabolism going and gives me energy for training.

I eat 5 times/day in off season and competition prep. After the gym I take a recovery drink and I eat a banana or an apple. But now I have been already forced to say goodbye to my recovery fruit when itís only 4 weeks out and I donít have any fruits in my meal plan anymore. I have carbs in my meal plan till the end of the diet and we add the amount of cardio step by step during the diet. In the beginning of the diet I donít do any cardio and in the end of the diet I do cardio almost every day. In the end of my first competition prep I had 1,5 hours cardio every day and now 4 weeks before Finnish Nationals I have 1h 15min cardio in 6 days/week. So now I have done less cardio comparing to my first diet.

I havenít tried any other ways in competition prep before because this is the first year when Iím competing. I have done some normal diet plans to lose some weight, but every time I have ate too less and I havenít had enough knowledge how to do the reverse diet. Then the weight that I have lost, has also came back.

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I have 4-5x gym training every week and now Iím doing 6x45min morning cardio and 6x30min evening cardio (often straight after training when I have a gym day). I donít do any HIIT training and I do cardio mostly by exercise cycle. Itís better for my feet comparing to jogging. Iím quite old school girl and so is my coach so we prefer good basic issues what comes to training and nutrition. And it works!

On Stage

During my first diet I read a lot mental coaching literature and I did imaginary training. I have also trained my mental skills while I have trained my physique during these years. Before I have been very nervous when I knew that I have to perform to a crowd of people so Iím very proud of myself when I stepped on the stage. I was excited for the first time when I got to the stage, but after that I started to relax a bit and I can say that I even enjoyed about it when I got to show my I-walk. This spring I really felt for the first time that now or never, Iím ready to do this!

I had my first competition in 16th April 2016 in Helsinki, Finland. Everything was totally new and exciting when you didnít know whatís going to happen! I had been in back stage before as a caretaker, but this was my first time as a competitor. Before the show time I was surprisingly peaceful and I wasnít excited at all. But when it was time to step on the stage for the prejudging, the excitement came! The first time on the stage was pretty confusing, I couldnít concentrate to the posing at all and was just thinking that what the hell is happening here! Luckily I got to the finals and I could already be more relaxed on the second round. I was so happy to get the 3rd place in the Beginners and I knew that my competition still continues to the general competition.

In the general competition I already knew what happens on the stage and when I got a call to the finals also in general competition, I really smiled and enjoyed when I did my I-walk on the stage! I was so happy and I had reached my goals for the first competition. That was a great way to start my competition career!

The feeling after the competition was pretty surprising for me. After all I felt so happy, but sad at the same time. This had been my goal during the last 5 months and now it was over. It took for a while to go through all what had happened in my head, but I was absolutely happy and satisfied with my ranking and condition. It was good to continue from there and I was quite sure already back then that Iím going to compete also in Finnish Nationals. And here we go again!

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Now my future plan is to compete in 9th October in Finnish Nationals and then Iím going to have 1,5-2 years improvement season to get more muscle and improve my physique. I need to build a wider back, get bigger shoulders and add my brawn. Body building by natural methods (especially when youíre a woman) requires time and patience, but nothing worth having comes easy. During a longer improvement season I have also time to invest to the other important things in my life (like social relationships and travelling). During the competition prep you have to prioritize things and diet takes a lot of time and effort.

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