Hannah Ringholm - NPC Figure Competitor

I started competing right out of high school, I was a jock and had hurt my shoulder throwing the javelin my senior year. I sought out the weight room for comfort and was eventually introduced to IFBB Figure Pro Kristi Tauti. The rest, as they say is history! She has definitely shaped me into the competitor I am today.

My diet doesnít change much from off season to pre contest, itís just that pre contest is a process. I start out with more carbs, fat and all around calories and it slowly tapers down the closer I get to a competition. The most effective thing Iíve found is to have a balanced diet. It helps me mentally, and physically I feel that my body responds to it better. Iíve tried a lot of things such as very high protein, low carb, high fat, low fat etc. and being balanced trumps them all.
Two thing that do push me past plateaus are adding fatty fish and cycling my carbs. This allows me to lose fat without sacrificing muscle during pre-contest. Another difference between off season and pre contest is that in the off season, I am not as strict at measuring my food, and generally when I am hungry I will eat. In pre contest I stick strictly to my portion sizes and meal times.

A lot of competition diets come down to having a good nutritionist. I am very fortunate that I have worked with two of the greatest, Kristi Tauti and Kim Oddo. You have to have trust in the person that lays out your meal plan and be honest and truthful about following the program. The times that I have tried to cut corners or get to the end result faster on my own, are the times I have experienced failure. When you put your trust in someone, it is important not to listen to anyone else, and that can include yourself. I am a nutritionist myself, and do pre contest plans for others, but I still need to put my blinders on sometimes when it comes to my own body and just allow the process to occur.

I have always thought of supplement as just that, supplemental. They do not take the place of consistent hard work and dedication. When you have a solid diet program, you donít need too many supplements. Ones that I have found to add benefits to my already solid diet are Smart Blend by MRM, digest-all by MRM, Immune and Cortisol Complex by Bodybyo, and EVP and Cell K.E.M. by Evogen Nutrition. I wouldnít say they are necessarily weight loss supplements, but they allow me to preserve my muscle as the diet and training take effect. I take them all daily leading up to a contest.

I like to target body parts specifically, giving each major muscle group a day. So shoulders, chest, legs and back. I also like to take a day of rest in the middle of these so that I feel strong and powerful for each work out. I am a fan of multiple sets of each exercise and doing slow, more concentrated reps. Training to me is the reward for eating a clean, balanced diet. I love to be strong and push my body and I feel like I get to show off a little in the weight room : )
I make sure to eat and supplement around my work outs so I can really leave it all in the gym. Diet may be whittling my body, but the weight training is the sculpting.

Hannah Ringholm
NASM Certified Personal Trainer
ISSA Specialist in Fitness Nutrition
Co-Owner: HD-Training
(971) 235-2202

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