Haleigh Beecroft - IFPA Bikini Pro

My name is Haleigh Beecroft, I am an IFPA Bikini Pro, certified personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach.

I've always been athletic, playing sports like soccer and lacrosse growing up. Although, I wasn't into weightlifting until after I had my second son. I trained myself and lost all my baby weight and then some. I decided in 2014 that I wanted to pursue competing so I found a coach who helped me prep for my first show that June. I did two shows in one day and placed first in four classes and overall winning my IFPA Pro card.

Diet: I have to admit that I've struggled in the past with bing eating after shows. But I believe in trying to keep a clean, healthy diet year round. Cheats are necessary I think, in order to keep sane and moderation is key. Eating the appropriate amount of macros are what I have found to be most effective in building the physique I desire. Extreme calorie restriction is never healthy and will only damage your metabolism.

I experienced major calorie restriction with my first coach. Doing so did not benefit me in the long haul. It's easily leads to bing eating, excess weight gain and disappointment.

Training: Right now I'm approaching my competition season much differently than I have in the past. I have a new coach and he's teaching me to do things that are good for my body and metabolism. I lift four days a week, focusing on different areas of my body each day and I do cardio 4 times a week.

I've always been EXTREMELY shy and I have horrible stage fright! I don't know where I got the confidence to try competing but I did it and now I LOVE it! I'll definitely keep competing..just as long as it doesn't require public speaking..I haven't conquered that one yet! I always have some nervousness before a show. It's more excitement than nerves though. Waiting backstage is always the best part. Getting to see who your competition is and knowing how hard everyone has worked just to be there makes for an awesome experience.

I am currently prepping for two shows in the fall. One in Atlanta, Georgia and one in Altamonte Springs, Florida. Which happens to be right around where I grew up so all my family will finally get to see me compete. I'm currently training my mother, she will be fifty-one this September, to compete in the amateur show that day as well. I'm super excited as you can imagine!

You can reach me via email hrbeecroft3@gmail.com. And be sure to follow me on Instagram @haleighbee1.

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