Grace Lloyd, Figure Competitor - Diet and Training

Health and fitness is not just my field of interest, it is something I am very passionate about! Personally, I like to keep a balance year round with a clean intake and active exercise routine. Some people do this for better weight management, flexibility purposes, to make the transition from off season to contest prep easier, and etc. However, I simply do this for my sanity! With a fairly clean diet and continual exercise through out the year I typically stay between 130-135 lbs off season. I don't count calories and I definitely allow myself to indulge in my love of beer, salts, and sweets. I stay up on my fitness routine though and because of that I am able to be pretty relaxed with my diet.

I am coming up on my first figure competition of my career, October 27th, Border States, held in sunny San Diego where I am from. I was on my way to my first show at the beginning of this year when I suffered an injury to my leg and landed on the couch for 4 months! However, I continued to take care of myself and stayed active with the minimal exercises I could still preform. Now I am (for the most part) all healed up and started my journey to the stage about 5 weeks ago and with just 5 weeks left to prep I am making minor adjustments and dialing in! I have retained shared knowledge from other competitors, coaches, and trainers about diets and routines but one thing I can say about competition preparation from personal experience is- trial and error! Like I said before, I am new to the stage but you still have to start somewhere. As much info that you can absorb from others is great but there is something about learning on your own that truly creates a marker in your routines and a personal knowledge of your own body.

When it comes to supplements I am pretty simple. I take a One-A-Day women's multivitamin, drink BCAAs by Xtend during my weight training, a CLA pill morning and night, and whey isolate protein powder. All of which I buy off of or local markets around work or home. I haven't tried supplements for long, what I am using now only came when I started this journey about 5 weeks ago. I have a fairly lean body and have been blessed with a decent metabolism so my greatest challenge so far has been putting on muscle mass. Most women I have spoken with that compete complain about the amount of cardio and the "hangry" feeling they get during their comp prep. For me, that is not the case! Before this week I had not touched a cardio machine in 2-3 weeks and my protein intake right now is around 2 grams per pound. Hungry? Not always.
Everyone's body is different, remember, trial and error. The key to any diet, no matter what your blessings or struggles may be is drinking your water, eating clean, and eating often!

As I mentioned before I struggle with leaning out too quickly so my protein intake has gone up and my workout routines went from a bodybuilding style, separating muscle groups and keeping rests short, to GVT. GVT stands for German volume training. Many people have heard of the 5x5 workouts and although they are great for growth, I didn't see much change and I needed to change it up (there is that trial and error again and learning my body thing I was talking about!). I have seen a lot of definition come from this 10x10(GVT) routine and will do it again for my 4-3 weeks out as well. I am just now adding cardio into the mix again and will increase that as well according to what my body does. Typically I workout in a bodybuilding style hitting a different muscle group each day, 5-6 days a week, and working out the areas I struggle with 2-3 times a week. So for example, I want to see more definition and growth in both my legs and shoulders so that is what I focus on 2 times a week.

I am an intern at Fitness Quest 10, a full time employee at Victory MMA & Fitness, and training everyday in between so keeping on top of my diet can be a challenge. Cooking and preparing my meals prior has become a staple in my week and truly is so important. Tupperware is your friend!!

An example:

6AM- coffee and cardio

7AM- 1/2-3/4 cup steel cut oatmeal, egg whites, mixed with scoop of protein

(8-12 Internship)

9 AM- sweet potatoes & 1/2 grapefruit

11AM- 4-6 oz. chicken or tuna, steamed veggies or spinach salad dressed with apple cider vinegar, & whole wheat tortilla

Lift/Weight train

(2-9 work)

2PM- 1/2 grape fruit & protein shake

3PM- hard boiled egg, 3-4 oz chicken, & whole wheat bread

6PM- 4-6 oz. chicken or tuna, steamed veggies or spinach salad dressed with apple cider vinegar (If the following day is a heavy lift or leg day I add a carb such as baked yams or sweet potato)

Wish me luck on the rest of my journey and thanks for reading!

Grace Lloyd

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