Glenna Weltzin - Figure Competitor

Glenna: I began this journey in year 2000. I have been athletic most of my life and always loved the sport of weightlifting. I started teaching group fitness and group weight training classes. I trained with heavy weights on my own and started seeing really amazing results in my muscularity. I had a friend that I went to see compete and automatically knew I would do this. Three months later I competed in The Arizona Open here in Phoenix and I placed second, two weeks later competed again and won overall. I had the itch! I love being structured and disciplined. I began at age 36 and wished I had started younger but quickly realized that my years of weight training gave me quite an edge over the younger girls. It is true that mature muscle is hard to beat! I am now 49 years old and have been placing in the top 5 Nationally quite consistently. This year I am hopeful will be my break out year. I will keep moving forward in hopes of getting my pro card. I want women to remember that being healthy and fit is a gift, and anyone can achieve fitness!

My diet doesn't change much on or off season. I eat healthy all year. I have a gluten intolerance and prefer to eat clean, non-processed foods. Off season I generally eat more food to sustain my active lifestyle at the gym. As the competition season approaches my calorie intake becomes a little more strict. I eat 6 meals a day every three hours, weighing and measuring out each meal. I allow myself a cheat meal each week to keep my metabolism up. I have tried high protein low carb diets and find that my training suffers tremendously. I cannot sustain my weight training regimen without having enough calories derived from carbohydrates.

My supplement regimen is fairly simple. I have the best results with Glutamine and amino acids for muscle repair and recovery. I also take Vitamin B12, B6 to help keep my energy level up.I also make sure I get enough calcium/magnesium, zinc, Vitamin D and Vitamin C to keep my immune system healthy while training hard. Lastly I take digestive enzymes to help my body break down the protein that I eat to utilize it more effectively.

I am a personal trainer and group fitness instructor. Balancing training myself for competition 2-3 hours a day, working and fitting in all my meals is difficult but is just part of my lifestyle. I have a wonderful Coach who keeps me motivated and on track. Her name is IFBB Pro Gennifer Strobo. I have been a member of Bombshell Fitness for 6 years. Wish me luck in the 2014 NPC Figure competition season. Look for me on stage!

Glenna Viland-Weltzin
ACE certified Fitness Professional
Les Mills certified Body Pump instructor
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Glenna Weltzin

Glenna Weltzin