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Gia Macool - Bikini Pro, Model/Athlete/CPT

The beginning: I have had my own share of ups and downs. I was an overweight child, "too skinny" teenager because of eating disorders and everything in between! I was home schooled and very sheltered. Grew up in a small town. My family's tradition was get married and have a child. I didn't have the same dreams as them. I started college and worked a full time job managing a small gym for ladies. I was only 17. I would walk 10 miles to work and 10 miles back each day (sometimes I used a bike), until I could save up for my first car. I got Certified as a Personal Trainer same year. Saved for my first house by age 18 and moved out of my parents house.

I had plans for my life that were very different than my family's plans for me even if that meant going at it alone. Most don't know how long and hard I worked before I ever had success at my career.

I continued to educate myself more into the field of fitness after about 8 years in the fitness field, I eventually competed. You probably canít tell now but I was very shy individual and would avoid the camera or even anything that brought attention to myself. The fact that I was home schooled also made me very naive to the dangers of the modeling industry. So, when I did shoot with my first photographer who was the one who got me published, it brought the wrong type of attention. Fame was never my intention. It's always been the negative side to the industry. Many looking for fame or money in this industry don't have the models reputation in mind. They care little about people and though they claim to want to help, there is always another agenda.

It's helped me build character & be stronger!

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Diet and Training

The nutrition part took some time to get down. It was a process of getting rid of bad habits and replacing them with good. I've done the crazy hours a day of cardio. Eating all the wrong foods etc. Learning the right way to eat was the most difficult part of my transformation. I had to learn balance between eating what I need for nutrition and what I like to eat for taste.

Prepping meals and learning what portions and foods was part of the battle. Off season and on doesn't change much except for the occasional splurge once a week. I'll relax and have some wine or cake more often in the off season. My carbs are always coming from clean sources and are centered around active hours. All my foods are natural and I have found that to be the secret along with portion control year round. My average body fat is 20%. I drop to 8% during competitions.

Failed diet: Very low carbs, restrictive food groups, higher reps with lighter weight. The more work you give me, the better my body performs.

My body responds to a split program where I train a muscle group a day. I don't worry about quantity more on quality of each rep. My routine daily is important. I have a plan and it's scheduled out without any excuses.

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On Stage

Self-confidence: When all your hard work shows and you hear your clients tell you how much they have changed because of your's the biggest motivation of all to keep going. I'm not as confident as many might think. I have my moments like everyone. What helps me get past it is realizing that there is no such thing as perfection. You have to embrace your body like a work of art on canvas. Focus on the good and play those features up on stage. You're really an artist just as much as an athlete.

For me I learn a lot from competing. It's not a place you can go into expecting things. You have to go in and do it for YOU ONLY.

My last competition was nationals and it was a big show. They grow every year. It was great to meet girls who have the same belief system. Makes you feel at home.

Future Plans

A new website is coming soon. Clients will be able to contact me for training online. Along with this year's competitions that I'm currently prepping for. My YouTube Channel also has a bunch of helpful tips for getting in shape and include all the links of my favorite tools in the industry that has helped me achieve my body and make life more convenient while trying to eat healthy.

Most importantly you must stay humble! Followers, trophies, money, magazine covers...none of that is constant or builds greatness. Instead focus on character, the loved ones who support you, and the memories you have made along the way.

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