Gabriela Vodilova - Figure Competitor

I began to compete in 2012, when I was 22. My first category was bikini fitness, but at beginning, above all, it was a hobby for me and I was not very serious about the competition. I was motivated by desire to sculpt a sportive body and I had a picture of one fitness competitor stuck on my wardrobe. I compete from 2014, from last year in the bodyfitness category.

The difference between my diet and off season is mainly in the daily quantity of proteins, carbs and fats. In the off season my daily intake of proteins is often 2 grams per kilogram of my body weight. In the diet I reduce the amount of carbs above all. For the carbohydrate cycling I use the wave method with minimal amount of 50 grams of carbs per day. I maintain the fat intake on 0,5 gram per kilogram of my body weight all year. I tried the ketogenic diet, but fat burning was stopping after some time. I returned to carb wave, what is in the combination with cardio the best method for me as far as the fat burning.

The parts of my trainings are the supersets and HIIT cardio. These are strong motivational and goal-targeted workouts that help me to keep my training effort in the diet.

The building of self-confidence on the stage requires more competitions in relatively short period of time and more practice. By every consequent competition the competitor appreciates more; he realizes clearly what he must have done for success and he wants to show the fruits of his labor.

I liked my first competition in bodyfitness category Sweden Grand Prix 2015 in Malmo, Sweden. The check in was one day before competition, the next day I knew precisely, when I would go on the stage. I did not have to ask nobody, the organizers announced everything early. I had a lot of time for warming-up. The dressing room was spacious and everything was well assured.

My goal for the next year is successful nomination for the IFBB European Championships.

Gabriela Vodilova - IFBB Bodyfitness

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