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Frieda: A good friend of mine had been working with a fitness coach for approximately a year and a half and had lost over 100 pounds. I, at that point, was the heaviest I'd ever been at almost 190 pounds and 3 and a half years post partum from my youngest of 3 children. Several random injuries and ailments crept and piled up on me. Even after returning to my prior fitness and eating habits, my weight hadn't budged more than the 20 pound loss that'd come from a side effect from the medication I'd been on for chronic migraines. I asked my friend to connect me with his coach and in September of 2013 I started on a 12 week fitness program, with the personal goal to be "super lean and super fit, better than ever before". In 12 weeks I'd lost 35 pounds. Throughout that progress, my coach, who is and IFBB Bodybuilder mentioned to me that I had the physique to be a good, competitive bodybuilder. By the end of that program, after smashing through my goal, coach asked what my new goal was. I told him that I wanted to try bodybuilding. He officially started my prep and 12 weeks later. I competed for the first time in the Emerald Cup.

Frieda Fairman

Off-season meal plan usually has more starches, slightly large portions and at least 2 cheat meals per week. My meal plan is set and adjusted based on my weight and how I look. I have found that maintaining a fair amount of clean starches with the carb-cycling and very deliberate cheat meals for most of my prep, is the most effective for my weight loss as my program is adjusted. I've had the same coach ever since I started on my fitness journey and competing. His programs have always worked well for me.

My program is composed of a very specific meal plan, resistance training regimen, cardio (including post, fasted and interval) and supplementation. My weight training usually cycles from light weight/high reps to super heavy weight/record breaker sets throughout the month and/or very specifically placed throughout my program, along with deliberate cardio regimen based on how I look and my physique goals. My diet and supplementation are adjusted accordingly to achieve maximal energy, endurance, explosiveness and metabolism efficiency.

After the first time I competed and was unhappy with my placement, I used each competition thereafter to set a new and very specific set of goals for the next competition. Knowing that I have achieved my personal goals each time I hit the stage, makes me feel quite confident that I am in the best form I can be after giving prep everything that I have. I knew each time that I've poured in everything in me and can't do any better so I leave it all out there by the time I step off of the stage. No regrets, no second-guessing.

When I traveling to compete in nationals for the first time at the NPC USA last year, I was scheduled to fly in the day of competitor check-in. My flight had been delayed by 10 hours so I missed the mandatory check in and thought I was done for. I was able to email one of the judges to let her know of my situation in which she was able to contact the head judge and authorize a late check in for the next morning. When I got there to check in, I was personally greeted and walked through the check-in process which was a huge relief. All of the competitors were all so nice and supportive of each other. Both of my calves cramped hard right as I was going up the stairs on to the stage during pre-judging, the lady behind even offered to rub them out but did want to rub off my spray tan. LOL. That happened again during Finals.

I am currently prepping to compete in a local show, here in the Seattle area in late October to get prepped to compete for the second time in a national show, in November. I will also be available for photo shoots after Nationals and I will be scheduling posing classes for the 2017 competition season. My contact info:

Frieda Fairman (go figure fit)
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