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After my studies in the autumn of 2014, I started preparing for my first competition in the bikiniclass. I have been doing sport for many years, but not so structured and coordinated, especially when I have not paid attention to the diet before. After I saw the girls in the Bikiniclass, I wanted to achieve that. So I worked for 2 years to reach my goal and started in the autumn of 2016 in the bikiniclass.

My diet changes because I eat more kcal and carbohydrates after the competition season, almost a kind of mass phase in which I build up to define before the competition. Since every human being reacts differently to different forms of nutrition, everyone has to find the best for himself. I personally started with a low carb and low fat diet, but I did not pay attention to kcal.

I have lost weight, of course, but nothing has happened with this diet, despite intense sports. My fat metabolism was so in the basement, by the few fat which I have eaten, which my body simply gave me nothing and has still stored emergency reserves. Only after I have increased the good fats to almost 70g per day (on training days) did something happen there.

At the moment my training plan consists of dumbbell/lift training and cross-fit (HIIT). As long as I am not in the diet, but in the construction, I eat on training days 1800kcal and training-free days 1400kcal. This works very well. In the diet phase the kcal is reduced, whereby the fat content remains relatively high.

During my studies, I had to hold lectures in front of more than 300 people, so I did not find it difficult to go to the stage. It was important to me that I was satisfied with my form to face the competition, even if I did not win. The fun and the joy were and are important to me and if I still achieve a good place, I am all the more pleased. One grows on his tasks and challenges.

When it was time for the first competition, I could not believe it was so far. To be so close to my goal, suddenly it became serious. Then the big day came and I was surprisingly deep down relaxed. I was not nervous or excited, I was only happy and happy. On stage, I was in my own world and it was so much fun. Even if I only reached the 7th place, I was proud of myself and that at my first competition and I knew I wanted more.

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For the future I will change from bikiniclass to the figure class and start again this spring. I'm trying to get here at least to the finals. I'm already looking forward to the next season.

People can contact me via Facebook franziska.fischer.dbfv.athetin or Instagram franzi.fischer.dbfv.athetin.

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