Fia Reisek - Armwrestler

* Fia, how are you? Thank you for joining me.

Hi, I'm fine thank you. Thanks for being interested in me and the sport.

When did you compete in arm wrestling for the first time? Do you remember what tournament it was?

I'm not sure how old I was but around 9-10 years and it was at a competition which is still held in my hometown Storuman "wild arm". There weren't many competitions for kids then, only this competition and in Norway, so this was really opportunity for us. I totally lost every match my first years.

* What has been your proudest achievement so far?

My one and only world champion gold medal in right arm. Think it was 2016. I lost my chance for gold in the left arm the day Before because of a bad stomach flu right Before the semifinals, I managed to win the semi but lost the final. I was bad the whole night and thought my chances in right arm wasn't so good. But in the morning I felt better and I did a great competition and won.

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* How do you build and maintain your strength? Could you share your Biceps, Triceps, and Forearms training routine?

For a couple of years Ive mostly done weight training for the whole body, lots of power lifting and of course armwrestling practice. But not very long ago I wanted to do more armwrestling specific training to strengthen my wrist and forearm, so I got help from Janis Amolins from Latvia with exercises and planning. So now not so much power lifting.

* In your personal opinion, who do you feel are your 3 toughest opponents? What are their techniques?

I totally Think the top 3 in the World right now is Egle Vaitkute, Irina Makeeva and Gabriela Vasconcelos, but they are way out of my reach. My toughest in my weight class I Think is Olga Shlizhevskaya, Irina Gladkaya, Yekaterina Lyakova, but also Malin Kleinsmith.

* How do you size someone up, if you haven't competed against them before?

I Always think of my opponent as as strong as possible, and try to take one match at a time, doesn't matter who's on the other side.

* Challenges

About challenges and obstacles, I think most athletes sometimes struggle, with injuries and inflammations because of heavy weights and many ours in the gym, that's why almost every athlete have their own professional trainer that helps with planning. In Sweden we haven't had special trained trainers for armwrestlers, so the first 20 years I'm doing this have been a test period, with testing exercises, testing amount, how much can I train and how often, how to be my strongest at a competition. So 20 years of failing, trying and succeeding. But then the biggest obstacle for me and others at least in Sweden is money and time. Everything costs, travel, training, competing, this is not a sport to become rich, only a few competitions win money and we don't get any financial support. So if you want to compete you have to work full time, but still take your time in the gym. But in the end we love the sport and are willing to sacrifice a lot to be able to do this.

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* What are some of the best ways to prevent arm wrestling pains (elbow/bicep/shoulder) as much as possible?

Everyone got pain now and then, it's hard to prevent when you perform at a high level, but I do my mobility training Before training and hope that's helps.

* How do you motivate yourself?

I like to work out, even if I'm not super motivated every day, but I know I have to do what's on the Schedule.

* What are your favorite things to do in your spare time?

I don't have much spare time, but I love going home to Storuman (Ensamheten) and spend time with my family.

* Future plans?

Closest is Worlds championships in turkey 17-23 October, When that's over I can start to plan a bit further.


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