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I started competing in 2013. It started with a small gym beach body contest. I had just had my son and my only goal was to get my pre pregnant weight back. Well I got 2nd place and I got the itch to do a real one. My first show was the Texas state and I got 6th in masters.

My diet stays at around 1500 calories off season and goes down to 1100 closer to show. I have tried rigid plans and flexibleÖ.rigid is definitely for me because I love cake. I eat 5-6 times a day. The ratios have changed allot over the years when I developed an insulin issue. I also have a chromosome deficiency called MTHFR which I am missing both chromosome. Because of this I do fatigue easily and have to find it in me mentally to push forward when I feel like I canít anymore. My coach Roddy Gaubert has been over backwards to figure out the right combination to get my body to respond. IIFYM doesnít work for me because it encourages me to eat things I should not. If I could fit a cupcake in my plan I would. It was a good technique to learn, but a rigid plan works best for me.

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I wake up 6 days a week at 3:50 am and do fasted cardio. Sometimes hit and sometimes just keep my heart rate at 140. Then I have breakfast, go to work and eat a 11am meal then 2pm meal. Since I do marketing I get invited to lunch allot so I eat plain salad just to be social. Then after work I return to the gym and do all my weightlifting.

Competing is just something you want to do. Who wants to spend hours doing cardio, weightlifting and dieting, spend hundreds of dollars on suits, heels, hair & makeup to only get a trophyÖif you get one. Itís definitely not for everyone. So the fact that I put all that time and effort makes me want to show off my hard work and dedication.

My last show was in New Orleans the Bayou Muscle. I love doing shows there. All the women I meet are very nice and rarely catty. Iíve become friends with most of the people who organize the Louisiana NPC and it's pretty cool when I come to a show and they know my name and are happy to see me again. I just feel very welcomed. So Louisiana still does things old fashioned. You have to fill out a paper form and mail it in with your check. So when I showed up they are expecting you and are excited to see you at the registration table. Although Iíve done 6 shows, I still get nervous lining up for prejudging, but once I get my posing out of the way Iím good to go. Finals is typically easy for me because I know the work is done and if Iím running neck & neck when another Athlete I have that opportunity to change their minds which has happened a few times.

Being an athlete has affected my life positively and negatively. The positive aspects are the people who understand why I do this and the work and dedication that goes into it. Iíve gotten jobs because of it because they view me as goal oriented and focused. My children like it because I am able to keep up with them physically when we do recreational activities. The negative aspects are that you lose friends because they get jealous and make your journey about themselves and their short comings instead of being happy for you. I get told Iím selfish and vain which I do not understand considering my lifestyle promotes health. I donít do drugs and Iím not an alcoholic, which in my opinion those types of addictions are far more selfish than mine.

My future plans are to go to Nationals in Pittsburgh and earn my pro card. I turn 41 on May 4th and I plan on competing until my body wonít allow me too. I hope to still be lifting weights at 90 yrs old.

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