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Hello, my name is Eva Georgieva, presently a pro card winner and competitor in WBFF. I have been working with my coach Kiril Tanev for 15 months. Last year I won my WBFF London pro card. My way to achieving this goal started the previous summer with the reality show of “Bodyconstructor”, “Super Change 2”.

Just like this, as a joke and after they challenged me. But this was a challenge which I wanted to accept and which woke my biggest desire to improve my appearance. I simply wanted clean, well-trained and perfectly shaped legs! I was firmly determined to accept this challenge in order to understand if I would manage to achieve the results, I wanted. Now is the time to mention that my inner sense told me I would succeed, I would find the right way, the right diet and eventually I would achieve what I wanted. You know, everyone who seeks, finds!

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Thus, firmly convinced of my success and highly motivated I signed up for the casting of “Super Change 2”. I had absolutely no idea of what I was taking up with, what was going to happen and what it would cost me but this didn’t matter as in the very beginning I was not interested in winning “Super Change 2”. I was absolutely sure that I would do everything to the smallest detail in order to have the legs I was dreaming of! At that time, I met Kiril Tanev and I was pleasantly surprised of his decision to include me in his team.

I eat clean throughout the whole year, mainly chicken, eggs, rice and potatoes. In mu bulk periods I don’t restrict myself that much, usually don’t weigh any quantities and enjoy forbidden foods more often. In my pre-contest preparation, I cut all unnecessary foods and gradually my coach reduces the calories depending on my current form. When I want to gain muscle, my diet is high in proteins, high in carbs and with average fats. When I want to lose weight, my diet is high in protein, average in carbs and low fats.

As I was happy with my physical shape, my inner satisfaction increased and I was impatient to go on stage and show what I had achieved.

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Training: 5 to 6 weightlifting workouts and 5 to 6 cardio sessions from 20 to 40 minutes. My nutrition plan is precisely coordinated with my training plan and the goals in front of me, so I have never had any problem with the balance.

WBFF London was a real challenge to me and I felt very comfortable there. During the registration for the competition, the atmosphere was very pleasing and all worries were eliminated. The contact with the jury and all the contestants was informal and friendly which was the main difference with my previous competitions. The friendly atmosphere and the organization were completely new to me but made me feel great.

Sports has been part of my life ever since I was a child and the discipline it formed in me throughout the years has always helped the good organization in my daily routine. For me, sports no matter which one, should always bring you satisfaction, it should feed your inner self. I would like to be able to motivate people to do sports, to challenge themselves in order to be healthy and happy.

Future plans: My plans are focused in several directions and competitions are one of them. I also have professional and business plans which I develop in close interrelation so that they complement one another.

Email efi_xg@yahoo.com
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/efkageorgieva
Coach - Kiril: www.kiriltanev.com/en

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