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I grew up a competitive dancer my whole life dancing between 20-40 hours a week. I had to stop dancing once I went to college and that's when I finally started to gain weight and become really self conscious. Eventually I started dancing again because I needed to for my own sanity but the self image of me didn't change. Long story short, I hurt my knee and 3 doctors misdiagnosed me with tendinitis when in fact I actually lost all the fluid in my knee causing torn cartilage and a tear in my meniscus. I had to be out of dance for almost a year and couldn't bare the fact that I was about to go through another year of being unhappy because dance wasn't in my life. With in time I joined a local gym where I didn't know how to use ANYTHING. I was a lot of learning and although I was a professional dancer, I realized I wasn't very strong.

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The gym kept me distracted while I was healing and realized I really enjoyed going! That year I decided that I wanted to get over my fear of showing my stomach and compete. I didn't place and I definitely was not as lean as the other girls, but I won in my eyes. It was the first step I needed to gain the confidence I needed. Unfortunately after that I gained a lot of weight back again because I didn't properly track my off season. Went over board on the snacks and cookouts and dug myself a deeper hole than I was in before. I decided to make the healthy change for GOOD. Since then I've competed twice and placed! My mental state is at an awesome place right now and I'm finishing up a successful off-season, ready to start prep again soon!

Diet: I try to stick to foundation foods in off season with the exception of a treat now and then. I noticed satisfying my cravings a little bit at a time helps me not binge and still feel happy. My diet consist of me following macros daily, increasing during off season and decreasing during prep. Before competing I use to try to eat as less as possible, then I'd go crazy and binge eat for a day. Looking back I can't believe I lived my life like that! I'm so much happier with iifym.

I lift 5 days a week always. Cardio changes during on and off season. Off season I like to try new things like group classes, orange theory, boxing, etc. during prep cardio increases weekly, mostly HIITS with a LIIT cool down, up to 6 days a week.

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Building self-confidence: It wasn't easy but I did it! I would do a lot of self reflecting and meditating at night, posing classes on the weekends, and every day before the gym I look in the mirror and say something I love about my body. I still do it to this day! The best feeling was this most recent competition. I had my coaches and teammates in the audience cheering me on. Hearing my name from people I've looked up to for so long is so rewarding. There are videos that still warm my heart every time I watch them.

My full time job is teaching dancing so I'm constantly tired haha. But it's a good tired! In return though I'm the strongest I've ever been which helps me dance more stable and with control.

I'm competing twice in November which I'm really excited about! Ready to end this year with my best package to date!

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