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Since I began to pursue my goals and challenges in figure, it has been quite a learning experience. I was so paranoid to lose any lean muscle mass off season, while still being able to indulge in my affinity for sweets. After time and experience and experiments, I soon learned what I could “get away with, “how my body reacted to carbs and when to switch up my diet, for when it adapted and no longer responded to the usual regimen.

I require slightly more carbs than others, to train at an optimal level. It’s always an advantage to be aware of your body type, so you can eat and train accordingly. Both my body and taste buds positively respond to oats and sweet potatoes and I am able to eat more red meat and chicken pretty close to contest time, with not too strenuous cardio, while others may have to go the stricter route with white fish and increased cardio. This way seems to systematically coast me in, steadily losing weight, while maintaining lean muscle.

I keep both my on and off season meals to 5-6/day within 2000 calories. Supplement wise, I stick with fish oil, a multi, glutamine, bcaa’s, b-complex, free form calcium. Competition time is the same, with the added supps: alpha lipoic acids, digestive enzymes, probiotics, and a thermal fat burner.

Erin Dallacqua  Erin Dallacqua

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I’ve tried to dairy back into my diet without much success. Even with digestive enzymes, my body still rejects it. Off season, it’s always better for me to have my cheat meals and have a little extra weight, so then come contest time; my body has soaked up everything and responds better with a shock to the metabolism.

My favorite recipe is definitely the Beverly International protein pancakes with sugar free syrup. Thought I died and went to heaven when I learned how to make these. They were a real treat in competition prep diet and a guilt free delight in off season diet. The protein powder, egg whites, cinnamon, and water are simple and give the illusion of a dessert.

I try and build as much muscle mass as I can off season, as I prefer to come in looking as full and lean as I can, without getting deducted points for looking too vascular and with too many lines. If I have a day of not eating very nutrient dense or efficient meals, I at least keep my protein amount the same and consumption times the same; however I then would not choose to workout on these days, as I wouldn’t get the full benefit from the optimal food choices and the workout would be a waste, as it wouldn’t be to its full potential.

I like to mix free weight, cable pulley motion, body weight, ploy metrics, along with machines, to get a well-rounded fitness and strength level, as well as to keep my body in a challenged environment. I find putting the most or many exercises in a short time span, executed slow and controlled really keeps me conditioned. I concentrate a lot on the concentric and eccentric movements and focus on the muscles utilized.

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