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Erica: I've always been active since middle school. I played softball and was on the dance team in high school. After graduating I took step aerobic classes and yoga. Before moving to Bossier with my now husband in 2010 I discovered Zumba and fell in love with fitness and nutrition. I started doing P90X and going to the gym following strength training plans from One day soon after I picked up a Muscle and Fitness Hers magazine one day and was surprised to see fitness competition stage shots that feature women in the bikini and figure division. Before then I only thought there was women's bodybuilding. I then decided I found my next fitness goal!

When it comes to dieting I've discovered that the Flexible Dieting approach is more successful with my body and my mental well being. I've done strict dieting in the past with two different coaches and have had horrible rebound experiences. I hate fish, especially tilapia! I still eat mostly whole foods such as egg whites, chicken, lean turkey and beef. Carbohydrates consist of jasmine rice, sweet potatoes, and of course veggies. In the off season I just get to eat more and I add ground buffalo and more beef to my diet. I have a "treat" daily fitted to my macros such as a pop tart, a serving of oreos or ice cream, I love Ben and Jerry's!

I strength train 6 times a week on and off season. I am now focusing on my glutes and hamstrings for next year along with putting on a little more size to my delts and lats. I keep cardio in 4-5 times a week for 20-30 minutes in off season doing either HIIT or moderate rate on the treadmill or my Bowflex M5. Contest prep I do cardio 6-7 a week for 40mins to an hour. I try to eat my carbs around my training to ensure I have the energy to get through my workout.

I have always been shy and introverted, and anxious in crowded places, but I become a different person on stage. I imagine I'm someone else, like a mega pop star. I guess I enjoy the spotlight and showing off what I have achieved. I have a blast on stage and try my best to exude confidence. I believe stage presence is very important on the bodybuilding stage! You cannot show the judges that you are nervous, you have to walk out there like it's your stage and hold those judges' gaze!

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My last competition was in Metairie, Louisiana at the Greater Gulf States. I placed 1st in my class, which was the 1st time besides getting 1st place in novice class in Figure 2 years prior at the Optimum Classic in Shreveport. My husband works in the oil/gas field and wasn't able to make it. My Mother came instead and we had a blast in New Orleans after the show. It was real special having her there watching me getting 1st!! We were both in tears!
Having a support system is very important. I am blessed to have a wonderful coach, IFBB pro Stephen Mass and my husband, Jeremy to guide and support my journey.

My plan for 2017 is to compete at the Jr. USA's in May and the USA'S in July if need be. I will probably do the Kuclo again in May before hitting the national stage to make sure I am 110% ready. Getting feedback is important.

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