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Follow-up Interview with Enjoli Enriquez
May 2016

1. Enjoli, how are you?

Enjoli Enriquez: I'm doing great. Thank you

2. In the NPC USA Championships 2014 contest, you took home the coveted IFBB Pro Card. What was it like for you?

Enjoli Enriquez: For the Pre-judging I was called out first dead center then moved to the outer right side which is 4th place. I held my composure as the top five (myself included) were dismissed until Finals. For Finals I remember the head judge calling out awards 5th place, 4th place (top two places earned Pro Cards) in my head all I could think was "Don't call my name yet". I glanced at one of the judges on the end as I tried so hard to hold my pose, stay tight and Breath! She looked back at me and winked as they called 3rd place out and it WASN'T ME!!! I was called out next and announced as a NEW IFBB PRO! I was ecstatic! I was overwhelmed with emotions. I found my teammate Tina and coaches and must have cried in their arms for twenty minutes straight . Thoughts of all that had been sacrificed for me to get that very moment overwhelmed me beyond measure. I felt many emotions but humble, thankful and appreciated are at the top of the list.

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3. What is it about your physique and presence that gave you the edge over the competition?

Enjoli Enriquez: My coaches Mike and Trish Wood were my edge over the competition. They monitored me very closely making changes in my diet and workout plan when needed. I followed their plan and never questioned the process. In addition my coaches have always stressed don't skimp or overlook any detail especially at a national show as large and competitive as the USA Championships the tiniest detail can separate you from everyone else. I made sure I had everything on point from my head to my toes. As far as my presence goes, I think being genuine having true joy and confidence gave me the edge over the competition that day.

4. With each contest you enter, does preparing to compete become easier or harder?

Enjoli Enriquez: With each contest I find it less stressful. By the time you become a Pro you have several shows under your belt and are just more balanced and experienced and ready for anything that may happen. I mean I've had my bikini hip chain break right before going onstage as an amateur, the show expeditors change the order of divisions, have my stage time cut from the regular 10 seconds down to 4 seconds. You get the idea. You have to be able to adjust to change quickly and that happens easier with each show.

5. How do you stay so motivated?

Enjoli Enriquez: Any change I see in my physique motivates me to keep going. When I'm not seeing changes fast enough staying motivated can become challenging. In those times I have to remind myself of my ultimate goal which also drives me. What drives me is the vision of myself on that Olympia stage.

6. What three training myths would you like to see busted?

Enjoli Enriquez: There isn't any that I know if that haven't been debunked. Common ones are, "Weightlifting makes your waist larger", "Muscle turns into fat if you stop training" and "Women will inevitably get big and bulky from weight training". These have all however, been debunked.

7. "Female athletes also challenge the existing ideal form of the feminine body - the thin ideal - with the muscle they develop as a result of their sport and training". (Ezzell 2009; Steinfeldt et al. 2011a). What do you think?

Enjoli Enriquez: I believe we are just adding more dimension to our bodies. Taking it up a notch. Most athletes find it hard to be content with mediocracy.

8. Who would you like to thank for helping you to become a top athlete?

Enjoli Enriquez: I'm thankful to God for making the impossible possible. There were so many times along my journey where most would see no way to get through and He carried me. My husband for being both supportive and patient with me and this process. He made sure I had everything I needed to do my best at all times and is an awesome provider. My coaches Mike and Trish Wood of IronAddictionTraining.com for believing in me and guiding me right. They are a true Power Couple diverse in the sport. They are both down to earth, knowledgeable and operate with integrity at all times. That was a huge deciding factor for me when selecting them as there are A LOT of corrupt "Trainers, Coaches and Teams".
Mike and Trish Wood of course are the opposite and unwavering in that. I had one sponsor during my amateur career and that was KissableCorsets.com. Their waist trainers helped me to safely shape my midsection smaller so that my narrow hips were less noticeable. I am so thankful for them as they provided encouragement and support and continue to help me develop my brand.

I'm also so grateful to my Teammate Tina Mauer. She was by my side the whole time training with me sometimes as early as 3:30 am! If ever any doubt tried to enter me she shot them down with her affirmations. She is still in pursuit of her Pro Card in the Women's Physique division and definitely one to watch out for! At my very first show, I met Bikini Athlete Stella Roberts (now an IFBB PRO and teammate) we had so much in common and her personality is contagious. I'm thankful to her for her support and encouragement. She has always been in my corner and what I call my "Eyes" she literally sees everything and is very observant! Last but not least my fans and supporters! They consistently provide encouragement and cheer me on everyday. They stay engaged, inspire me and hold me accountable.

9. So, what is next on the plate for you?

Enjoli Enriquez: Well... Figure. Figure is next. I'm currently training six days a week and my focus is putting on size. I naturally have broad shoulders and a small waist and have been going against the grain to speak to try to maintain a Bikini body. I'm excited to see what develops over this off season!

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