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Emery: First off, let me thank you for your interest in me. I appreciate it.

In 1976 I had a horrific accident causing a terrible back injury. I went on with my life as usual but with some modifications until I was finally Significantly Obese. By 1998 I could no longer sit myself onto the toilet or low couches and other bending activities without assistance. A walker was the easy answer. I did not like that idea at only 33. So my ex-husband (whom was Morbidly Obese at the time) began training together at the gym. He could not do aerobics due to bad knees so we both did what we could do together…weight lifting. I went on stage for the first time in 2001 after losing 110 lbs. I won my class. The NPC Ironman Magazine Naturally.

Emery Miller. A temple of strength.

Diet off-season vs pre-contest: Mostly just amounts and cardio. I have done many types of diets over the years. As we age that changes. There are plateaus also. I cannot give you a more succinct reply at the moment as I am new with my coach, George Farah and he is still experimenting with what works best for me. I will say that he is brilliant and a caring coach. I am excited for my future under his guidance.
Effective diets: that changes with time and age. Calories change with added mass. For instance, the Keto was working amazingly for me under Dave Palumbo but then my body plateaued on it and it was time to move on to something new. Ones nutrition progresses along with one’s body.
Failed diets: too many to mention. I expect to be ripped at contest and grow in the off-season as we all do. The trick is to identify that something is not working before too much time has passed to fix it AND many coaches have adequate knowledge or are committed to only one type of diet and fail to recognize that sometimes a client may need to move on to something different for success.
Supplements: throughout the day depending on timing and needs of the item. For instance my heart meds need to be taken at lunchtime.

Training: Upper-Lower Split, varying between sympathetic and antagonistic supersets and 8x8’s. Legs are divided between hams and quads on two different days. Training is when the best time for me is based on how busy the gym is and work. Right now I train at 1:00 am. Diet is 24/7. I do what I need to do when I need to do it.

Future plans: we ALL have the same plans. Hehehehe Make it to the Olympia stage. If one has been on the Olympia stage: get as close to winning as possible for as long as possible. GROW! It’s that simple.

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