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Elodie Puraye 2x IFBB Belgium Bikini Fitness Overall Champion

An update from Elodie
March 2017

Last contest I've done was the Belgian Championship, where I became Champion for the second time.
Everytime I compete, I feel ready. No negative stress. As soon as I've registered, I take my place backstage and wait. Competition days are very long days... I take this as some form of mental conditioning and meditation. I often travel and compete all by myself. It's very important to have your mind sharp and focused. At the Belgian Championship I was competing as an international athlete, so I had to wait for all the other categories to compete before stepping on stage. I competed around 9pm while I'd been there since the morning.
As I said: some kind of mental preparation.
When the results were announced, I was on cloud nine! I had been stuck in some personal transition period, gave my 100% during my preparation and this paid !

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To me, fitness, bodybuilding and competing are passions. This is not actually "difficult" to be on a preparation. Of course, some days you feel hungrier, more tired.. but this is a part of a game I've chosen to play and I love !

Contest prep: I'm still my own coach. My diet is very manageable. I try to stay super consistent in and off-season. This way, I don't struggle when I need to lose bodyfat. Regarding my diet I still decrease my caloric intake, but I don't slash it. Generally I'm even able to start reverse dieting before the end of my preparation. My diet is flexible, and I eat a lot of carbs even at the end of the preparation. Last year I ended my preparation eating 1800 calories per day and 250g of carbs, which is huge for a bikini girl.

Regarding the training sessions: I don't need more than 1h - 1h15 when I train (in and off-season). I no longer do traditional cardio. Last time I did that was more than 1.5 year ago. When I'm prepping I only add sprint sessions, interval training style, never more than 10 minutes (warm up and cool down included).

The only "challenge" I face is the mental one: when I'm prepping I'm not always able to "see" myself. So from one minute to another I can feel super confident, then doubt about my shape. In this case, the only thing I can do is to stop trying to assess myself in the mirror and just trust myself and trust the process. I know I'm working, I know what I'm doing... results will follow.

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I'm currently prepping for the European Championships, in Spain. Then in June I'll compete at the Olympia Amateur. IFBB gave me the opportunity to co-organize a part of the Belgian Championships in October. This is a real chance I have. I'll work as a PR (the degree I've got) in the field I love! I'll also compete at the Belgian Championship (the part I'm not organizing) and at the Arnold Classic.

I'm also an online coach (younique Fitness by Elodie) so I work on developing my business. As an athlete, my goal is to earn a pro card :)

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Elodie Puraye IFBB Bikini
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* Elodie's 1st appearance on Models Observer

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