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Update, October 2017

For 2017 I have 2 shows left: SC Grand Prix in 2 weeks, followed by Miami Nationals in November. In 2018 I'll start off with a warm up show, followed by at least one national show earlier off in the year (and that's all I have planned as of now!).

On stage: Always a fun experience! I love competing and being on stage. The only downside is that everything seems to go by so fast! My time on stage seems like a blur. I'm usually super nervous (even still after so many shows!) for Prejudging and then for finals I'm more in my element and confident on stage

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My current prep is similar to what I've done the last 2 seasons but very diffeeent to my preps before then. Right now I work out full body, 6 days a week. As far as cardio goes I only do 2 days of 20 mins HIIT (no more than 3 days a week-ever) and I'm eating over 2k calories per day (and I'm 2 weeks out from a show!) taking a serious off season and really reverse dieting has helped me get to where I am to be able to eat so much and do so little cardio. Preps are easy now, in comparison, and I come in looking fuller and tighter than I ever have.

Because I eat so much, I really don't have any issues at all with diet; I'm never hungry. Maybe being tired towards the end of prep? Honestly though, I think the biggest challenge for me honestly typically comes post show! Once I get a taste of some cheats it's hard to stop. I usually have a day or two of free eating and then I go back to prepping most of my food- for me it's less the junk, and more missing the freedom to eat whatever I want, whenever I want without logging it. (Food Prepping takes a lot of time to make it fun and tasty and can be a lot of work!!)

Life as an athlete: It's great! Keeps me busy and looking good (and healthy!) it also satisfies the competitive side of me.

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