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I was an athlete my entire life starting at the age of 7. I was a Division I Scholarship Athlete in Soccer. Once I was done in college, I was not done competing and decided since I had genetically good arms, and I discovered I had a lot of strength during my strength training for soccer, I decided to do bodybuilding. I did my first NPC show in 1999. Went to Nationals in 2000 and took 2nd as a Lightweight and then continued at the national level until 2008 when I won the womens LHW Class. I took 2nd along the way as a LW, MW, LHW x 2. I think I had the most 2nd place finishes ever. I was blessed to always be in the top of the class for the run of my career. I also took up power lifting in the offseason in 2004 and my totals made me Elite. I then started Strongman in 2006 and went on to represent the USA at the Worlds StrongWoman Competition in Poland later that year.

When I was competing I found eating the same thing everyday (ie 200g of carbs / 200 g of protein a day) and kept it consistent in the off season would train my metabolism. I also never put on more than 12 - 15 pounds over my competition weight. I would put on maybe 3-5 pounds of muscle a year. I didn't believe in the gain as much as you can, I preferred to do it slowly. In the course of my career I started competing at 103 in 1997 and retired in 2008 at 136...Over 11 years I gained 3 pounds a year. Putting on 30 pounds to only really gain 3-5 pounds of lean muscle seems kind of ridiculous to me. So my off season weight would go up only a few pounds each year as well. Typically 150-155 in the off season towards the end and competed between 136-139.

Failed diet: Nothing failed my expectations. I learned about my body each year. If I didn't look right it had nothing to do with the diet more so than my discipline. There is no one sure diet plan. Everyone's body is different and the key is trial and error. Over time you will make mistakes and learn from them.

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My training is pretty much the same all year long. I only change the diet up for a show. I train heavier than most. I do one powerlifting movement each workout. Legs - Squats, Back - Dead lifts, Shoulders - Clean and Press, Chest - Bench. Since I am an Elite Powerlifter and Professional Strongwoman I also incorporated that into my workouts. I would do two dedicated powerlifting days a week and one dedicated Strongman training. I didn't do much cardio in the offseason. And contest the cardio was commensurate with how much I needed to lose and how well I did my offseason prep.

I am naturally out and have been performing on a stage since a young age. I used to sing, and play in an orchestra. I still play to this day, singing not so much. It was just easy.

My favorite memories was just the rush of being on stage, hearing your number called out, placing in the top five for all 8 years at the national level (actually placed in the top 2 four times, top 3 twice and 4th once).

Right now I am just focused on my career as that has higher priority over competing. Competing was always something I did as a hobby and I always had my career. I am the Executive Director of IT Cyber Security for a large company in Las Vegas. So I train five days a week. I still train the same incorporating strength into my bodybuilding movements. I am 43 so I just want to stay ahead of the people my age and continue to live a healthy and positive lifestyle. I also run a biggest loser program at work. I had 66 people sign up last year and we lost almost 1000 pounds in 3 months. That was extremely rewarding to see people become healthier.

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