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I have been an athlete all my life. When I went to college I stopped playing sports, I had been a prior Track and Field athlete and did not have the times to compete at the school of my choice, San Diego State. I then pursued a fitness based major, Kinesiology. This major gave me more insight into the fitness industry. I went to the school gym and within a year fell in love with weight training. I loved the feeling working out gave me. I felt confident, euphoric, and strong. After graduating I kept my regular routine of working out 3-5x a week. People constantly came up to me asking, ďwhat are you training for.Ē I never really had an answer because I wasnít training for anything. This is when I started to think about competing more and more. I reached out to a friend of mine who had competed before and asked her for more information about it. She told me how intense the bodybuilding lifestyle is. She told me a 12 week prep is likely what I would need. After our conversation I went online and looked into shows. I thought competing would be the perfect thing for me to put all of my energy into, and I thought coaching myself would be a cool challenge for myself.

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Off season I eat pretty much whatever I want. Iím regularly a pretty healthy person eating balanced meals, but I never counted calories or had a specific diet. Of season Iíd eat what I want, when I want. While still working out 3-5x a week. When on prep I follow a much stricter diet. This includes counting calories, weighing food. The diet that worked best for me was low fat and low carb with high protein. Iíve only done one competition so I canít really speak on what hasnít worked, as my first show I did extremely well.

Iíve always been confident, but competing boosted my confidence even more. Seeing your body change as much as it does on prep was the most fulfilling thing for me. I LOVED seeing definition in my muscles. I felt strong, and sexy. Posing did not come natural to me, so I worked with a coach 1-2x a week for the last 5 weeks of my prep, she helped me a lot with learning how to strut and walk.

Iím an indoor cycling instructor so I teach 5-7 classes a week and Iíd count that as my cardio. Last 4 weeks of prep Iíd do an addition 30-45 minutes of cardio on either incline treadmill or stair master. Iíd lift 5x a week as well. I wonít lie, working out so much and eating so little is definitely the hardest part. But you have to keep the mentality that this is something you signed up for, so donít complain about it. Thereís a few hacks that can help with hunger. Bubble water - or other 0 calorie drinks to fill you up!

Show experience: Iíd recommend having a coach. Come show day I did feel really lonely backstage because I didnít have a coach to personally motivate me and help me with carbing up, getting pumped up. Come show day you want someone there to support you. Check ins were easy and itís fun meeting all the girls! Yes, youíll get a little nervous before you step on stage, thatís normal. But my advice is donít freak out. You just worked for 12 weeks and you should have fun. Going on stage isnít all about placing. Itís about showcasing your hard work, go out there and have fun! I had my friends and family come to Finals - itís more entertaining for them since this is when they give out trophies!

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Bodybuilding is an all or nothing thing and it's something that you do 24/7 when on prep, which unlike any other sport. Your gonna be busy, tired, hungry, and cranky. Not everyone will understand why you wonít come out for ďjust one drink.Ē The gym comes first, that's just the reality. Iíd work 50 hours from my jobs-and then spend another 15 hours in the gym a week. Another 2-3 hours a week posing. Yup, itís time consuming, but thatís just what it is.

Future plans: Stepping on stage again in August. I want to earn my pro card so thatís my goal. When I get there, who knows, maybe even going into the WFBB is something Iíd be interested in. For now just enjoying the ride!

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