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Dominika: My beginning was so fast. One day I decided to start with sport. It was in summer 2014. I started running, cycling and crossfit. When the summer came to an end I had to go to the University and I found the fitness centre here. I met my current trainer here so since that time he coaches me. He asked me if I am thinking about competing and after 1 month I was on my first competition. So I can tell that he is responsible for my start to compete.

I think that there isn't so big difference between off-season and pre-content diet. During All year I eat meals which are rich on all needed nutrition facts- proteins, fats and carbohydrates. The biggest difference is how much meal and in which time I eat it. In pre-content time I have to eat everything so strictly. I eat mostly chicken meat, beef or salmon as a source of fats, white eggs, rice, oats and a lot of vegetables mostly green. An off-season is more relaxed. I can eat fruits, protein bars, milk products and sometimes sweets, which isn't possible in pre-content. Every two or three weeks my friends and I go to the restaurant to eat Pizza or something else that I love.
The most effective diet to lose weight and build muscle for me is low carb diet. I eat a lot of fats till a few days before the competition. As a source of fat I prefer nuts, All eggs and milk products. I am beginner in fitness competitions. I get knowledge about my body all the time. But I think that the best was for me is the diet built on fats.

When I stood up next to my rivals on the stage at the first time I knew that I was born for it. I felt so good, people shouted, applauded and my family and the best friends supported me. During the pre-content I have to break through myself so many times. I like challenges. It was the way how I built the Self-confidence that this sport is the best for me. It builds not only my figure but my personality too.

During off- season my training program composes especially from power trainings. They are oriented on building muscles. I change rate of series and repetitiveness as it is necessary. It composes from lifting heavy weights. During diet I try to lift same weights because I think it is not necessary to cut down weights. Only 2 weeks before competition I choose more lightweight trainings because of low energy. Definitely, my training composes cardio also. Especially at the start of training. It is important for warming muscles so I avoid of injuries. I spend only 15-20 minutes on elliptical or stepper. During the pre-competition I am training twice a day. In the morning and in the afternoon. I have cardio before the breakfast. Usually spend 45 minutes on elliptical or just 20 minutes HIIT. And then I have power training in the afternoon.

I had only good experiences from my contests. I think that the worst time for all competitors is registration. There are a lot of peoples here in one packed room, long waiting, hard to breathe even if the window is open, and everyone can't eat and drink. After registration all competitors only relax, sleep and eat carbohydrates. The next day is the most important for us. We have to prepare for competition. It is more difficult for women. We want to be as beautiful as it is possible. Except painting our skin with special colour, we have to make our make-up and hairstyle. I enjoy this day so much.

This season I won the second place on the national championship and I was on my first international European competition which was called the Diamond cup. There were athletes from many countries like a Germany, Hungary, Greece, Spanish, Russia, Czech Republic and my home country Slovakia. Every athlete was allowed to achieve professional card. I was in final six and I achieved sixth place. I saw a lot of professional athletes here and I got new experiences here. I decided to participate on all international competes for spring season. The first will be at the start of October in Prague which is called the Olympia amateur.

My goals are so big. I would like to achieve gold medal in the national compete and I would like to be better in international competitions. So let's go build the muscles :)

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Dominika Bajtgovska