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Real talk: All my life I struggled with weight gain. I've tried everything under the sun, such as quick weight loss programs. Some were so severe and restrictive that I had health issues as a result. My calories were so low I would pass out.
I was left feeling weak and eventually my body crashed. I became malnourished and had episodes of bingeing which led to more weight gain. This time it was 2-3x more than when I started. A crazy and vicious cycle! Until decide to take control of my life by joining a gym at 186 Lbs. Front desk guy took me under his wing and taught me everything he knew. I got to the best shape of my life in 3 months. I decided to take it to the next level because at that point in time I felt I can do anything. I started competing and got my procard from IFBB for women's physique. The struggle never stops. It takes work and lots of effort on my part, even though I'm a professional. Despite my obstacles, I'm loving my journey, lessons and the victories. Because they keep me sharp and always up for a challenge.

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My diet doesn't change too drastically from one season to another. That's what works for me. On this level I need to stay as lean as possible, of course loosely off-season. Reason for this, less work and struggle to get into superior shape for contest. Instead of doing extreme things to your diet and/or training which compromise all the hard work you put in. I believe there's a time for every diet because the body adapts quickly. Therefore changing things up is the key. You should never stay on the same diet for too long. I don't think I tried a diet that failed. I think I failed to follow some diets as a result, I didn't get the results I wanted. That's why it's extremely important on the contest level you take everything seriously. The plan to the tee. Everything has it purpose. That's how you’ll know what's working or not and move forward from there.

Training: One simple word, ”lifestyle”;....setting a routine and sticking to it. Cardio, weights and stretching are necessary...competition or not for true overall wellness.

When I'm on stage I zone out, in a good way. All I see is the stage and me, and pitch black in the audience. I feel as if I'm transforming to someone else. It's incredible. Off stage I'm somewhat shy. Lol.

My most amazing experience in general is meeting and sharing the stage with amazing people from all over with different backgrounds, stories, struggles and reasonings to be here. We are all winners in my opinion. It takes guts, discipline and perseverance. They inspire me to be better and don't take this journey for granted. One coach said, “It's about enjoying the process”; It's all about the journey not the destination. He was absolutely right. What you come to learn about yourself and facing your truths, strengths and weaknesses, are the driven force that pushes and motivates you to keep going.

This sport is not just about exercising and eating right. It's about feeling good from both inside and out. It mentally and physically prepare you for everyday life, stress, energy, obstacle, confidence, and best of all, you feel like you can do or achieve anything as long as you put your mind to it.

My future plan are, first and foremost is to become my greatest version. I know it's a never ending journey, however, I want to look back and said I'm a better person today than yesterday. I'm still aiming high to win the Ms Olympia title. Planning of starting a nonprofit organization to give back to my community to encourage women and young children to get more involved in fitness.

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