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I started competing 2 years ago. A lot of people I knew were getting into it and I saw how their bodies were changing. I admired that and figured doing a competition would be a great way to jumpstart getting back into shape. I wasnít overweight to start with but I was out of shape and I didnít have the healthiest dietary habits. So, having a goal of stepping on stage on a certain date kept me accountable and focused.

Contest Prep

During contest prep, my body responds well with a strict and structured diet. I eat 6/7 high protein, low carb/low fat meals every couple of hours. Different things work for different people and this has worked for me. Off-season, I eat mainly healthy foods but more of it. Usually more carbs and fats with treats and cheats here and there. I try and track my food so I donít go overboard.
I tried carb-cycling for one prep, and although I did lose weight, my energy levels were low and cravings were high. Iím guessing it wasnít ideal for me because the ratios of macros were off and werenít suited for me.

During prep, Iím in the gym 7 days a week. Fasted cardio in the morning and weight training followed by more cardio later in the day. I do liss cardio for prep. Off-season, I lift 5 days a week and do cardio 3-6 days a week. I do liss, miss, or hiit depending on how I feel. I try and plan my meals in accordance with my training. Usually on prep, carbs are tapered down throughout the day. I train soon after a meal so that I can have energy for it. I also use pre-workout for energy as needed. Especially during those last few weeks of prep. And off-season, I usually have higher carb meals during the day but I try and have most of my meals balanced to keep me full and satisfied. I usually train about an hour after I eat.

On Stage

Self-confidence: Practice! Practicing your stage routine is a must during contest prep. You have to find the best angles and poses to suit your body shape. I still get nervous about going on stage. But the more you do it, the more comfortable you get and the more comfortable you get, the more confidence you will exude.

My most recent contest was Bayou Muscle on 4/22 in Metairie, LA. Everything from check-ins, prejudging, and finals went by swiftly and was well run. All the athletes, judges, and promoters I met were so friendly and kind. This was my second year competing in Metairie and both times were a great experience. This is also a great city to explore after the contest. There is just something about Louisiana food and culture that you canít find anywhere else. I love it.

Being an athlete requires discipline and focus to stay on track and some days you have to dig real deep to stay the course when your mind and body donít want to. For me, this means less of a social life because most social functions are centered on food and alcohol. So, considering that I used to go out a lot, this was a complete, but welcome, lifestyle change.

For now, Iím looking forward to a little break. Iíll be focusing on making some adjustments and improvements for my next competition season. But I definitely want to continue competing. I love the sport. I do offer personal and online training and dietary guidance for anyone who needs help losing weight and/or get in better shape. For more info on training/diet guidance or to work with me please contact me through email diane_alfaro@hotmail.com.

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