Diana Maybrook - Bikini Competitor

Diana: I fell in love with the fitness lifestyle at a very young age and have never looked back. My decision to compete in my first show began after going to watch a local show. It took a lot of courage for me to step on stage 3 months later with no coach, trainer, and at a fragile age of 17 years old. Regardless of any factors that others would consider excuses, I tackled on my first show with vengeance and ended up earning a top five placing amongst 12 beautiful ladies. In that moment I knew that this would be a long term thing for me.

Nutrition: As everyone is aware, a more restricted diet plays a huge role in contest prep. I am firm believer of fueling my body with nutrient dense foods that make me feel good and perform at my best. With that being said, my off season diet follows and 80/20 structure. I do not believe in depriving myself of certain foods. If I am to treat myself to something, I plan it out accordingly to where it can be used as fuel. My go to is having a post workout Pop tart, knowing that after a workout our bodies need fast digesting carb. Having that one post workout treat, leaves me satisfied with my nutrient dense foods that I eat the remainder of the day.

I always say experience is the best teacher of all. This plays true when it comes to figuring out what type of diet plan works best for you. Everyone has a different body and needs to learn what works best for THEM. I have tried many different methods myself, but the two that I have found most effective are IIFYM and the 80/20. Iíve experienced with both and believe they have worked in my favor hence the fact that they allow for freedom to choice. Being set on a cookie cutter strict to the tee diet WILL lead to binge eating in a majority of individuals. Trust me, I know this from experience.

My training consists of a 5-day workout split with strength training. Cardio is limited to about 10 minutesí post workout for me during my off season, but during prep it varies. Fasted cardio on the stair master is my go to. I also find HIIT training sprints to be extremely effective.

Finding balance between training, dieting, and life is the key to longevity in this sport. It is important to prioritize. This means prepping your meals ahead of time, planning your days around your training schedules, and supplementing yourself for success accordingly.

Stepping on stage for me is so natural and effortless. Nothing in this world can stop me when Iím up there. Knowing your self worth is important if you want to compete. I am proud to say that I have found my self worth through my endless hours spent dedicated to achieving my physique. I promise you there is nothing you canít accomplish if you know your worth. It may take time for you to establish these attributes, but they come with time.

During my most recent show I was at an all time high. The most nerve racking part for me had to have been Athlete Check-ins. Waiting in that line is when it all sinks in for me that this is the day Iíve been working towards. By the time Pre-Judging begins, all I can do is be patient and get pumped. Bikini was last up (of course) and the whole time I am just anticipating that stage and wondering what is in those judgeís minds. I got first call outs in Juniors, Novice, and Open and my most recent show. Walking off the stage after getting first call outs, something in my brain goes off, and my whole body is ecstatic. Just that feeling makes every sacrifice worth it. By the time finals comes around, itís more just about fun. By then Iíve made plenty of awesome new friends back stage and itís all about cheering each other on. I kick my feet up and think about the epic cheat meal Iím going to devour after, but remind myself that nothing tastes better than victory.

As of now I am working towards my best self. Taking mental breaks from the prep life are important to me, but still staying consistent. Right now I am training harder than ever with a focus on my weak areas during this next month of improvement season. Nothing set in stone, but if I feel ready I will be stepping on stage again by August. My goal is to be the next youngest IFBB bikini pro.

If you're looking to see more of where I'm heading in this industry or for contact, you can reach me at my business email dianamaybrookfit@gmail.com.

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