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Denise: I played basketball when I was young and after an injury I started to lift weights and I was hooked! When I was younger, 15-16 years old, I found out that I like muscular guys and were interested in muscle magazines like Muscular Development etc. But I didn't do anything about it until I met my fiance 10 years ago. He helped me to compete for the first time in Figure. The year after I competed in Bodybuilding and I was hooked again lol. I got my pro card in January this year and now it's another ball game for me! It feels like starting over again and I am once again hooked! This is what I want to do.

Diet: Well, I am not that girl that holds a good shape all year around. It's because I love to eat and that I also know that my needs nutritions to grow and improve. I always eat a high protein diet even when I am off but also much more carbohydrates and fat. My pre-contest diet is not that different from my offseason diet actually! I don't eat as much carbohydrates obviously but still high on protein and fat. I reduce the fat from the diet the last 4-6 weeks before competition.

I have tried several ones, ketos-diet there you only eat a lots of proteins and fat but no carbohydrates, I have tried to not do so much cardio etc. But high on proteins and carbohydrates and lower and lower on fat with a lots of cardio sessions is what's work for my body. Supplements: I tried to not use anything in the first 3-4 weeks of my diet to start my own combustion. Caffeine and thermogenic supplements are preferred.

I have found out that my body answers really good to Intervals training. So I do that after every pass at the gym. I walk a lot, that's why I can eat so much carbohydrates at the beginning of the diet. The key to progress is to change different components of the weight training. 2 weeks of heavy weight training and 2 weeks of lighter weight training with high intensity. I still eat carbs so therefore I still can train hard and intensive.

Future plans: I and my fiance Mattias Wiklund have our company, Coach Xtraordinaire, there we help our clients with diet/nutrition plans. We are hoping to keep on helping as many people to a healthier lifestyle by given them the tools. My biggest dream is to stand on the Ms Olympia stage with the other incredible women in Bodybuilding. And to move to the states! I have visited California and I was in love.

Finally I want to thank my sponsor PH9 Generator Shake and Olimp for believing in me! My fiance for standing by my side and dedicate himself in my success with this sport! And the Swedish IFBB for supporting me!

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Denise Faith

Denise Faith

Denise Faith. A work of art.