Interview With Debi Laszewski

A meeting with Debi Laszewski, the #3 ranked professional Bodybuilder in the world.

Author: Jonathan.L - owner Models Observer
May 2012

1. Debi, how are you? Thanks for joining me.

Debi Laszewski: You're welcome, my pleasure.

2. So, what first got you interested in bodybuilding?

Debi Laszewski: I have always been an athlete my entire life, played tennis and was involved in track and field. So I have that competitive mindset that is needed.

Debi Laszewski in the Gym.
The epitome of strength and excellence.

So when I became involved with bodybuilding and fell in love with it, of course I wanted to explore the competition end. At that time, 20 years ago there was just fitness and bodybuilding. The rest is history.

3. What has been your greatest bodybuilding moment so far, and why?

Debi Laszewski: My greatest moment so far, besides turning pro in 2006 at the Nationals in Miami, was my second invite to the 2009 Ms. International, Arnold Classic. Up until that point I was still trying to find my stride as a new pro, with the help of my nutritionist, George Farah, I was able to place 2nd, and boy it was then I knew I could be a force to be reckoned with. I focused on being consistent and developing a reputation for that, which I am proud to say I have accomplished.

4. How often do you make any adjustments to your training routine? Or maybe you use the same method for the Ms. Olympia contest and the Arnold Classic - Ms. International?

Debi Laszewski: That is a good question, I review every show afterwards and carefully look at what is needed to be better and what looks good as it is, in order to keep my balance and symmetry. It is than that I change or adjust my training accordingly.

5. Could you describe your current diet?

Debi Laszewski: My diet is no different than anyone else's, the main food groups stay the same, but of course the twist I have is the consistency that I engrain into my diet. I am a very structured person and follow everything to the tee. Our body is like a finely tuned engine and I eat only organic foods. I eat to feed my body not live to eat. I actually hate eating so I treat it as a job.

6. Do you usually predict your final placing from the beginning by comparing your physique to your opponents in the pump room, or is it totally unpredictable? Please give examples?

Debi Laszewski: I never compare myself in the pump up room, because your eyes will lie to you every time. In my earlier days of competing Nationally, when I would do that, it would be the girl in the corner that I never took notice of that would actually be a threat to me, needless to say it never was a good thing. I train to win every time and I focus on my performance because that is the only thing I can control.

7. What mistakes did you make when you first started lifting?

Debi Laszewski: Looking back at it now, I started by training with power lifters in Wisconsin, where I grew up. We just lifted as much as we could, never paying attention to balance or symmetry, so I guess you could say I needed to fix a bit the bigger I got. Lol.

8. In their study, The fine line: An insight into 'risky' practices of male and female competitive bodybuilders, Anne Probert, Dr Farah Palmer & Dr Sarah Leberman found that for women, bodybuilding had the capacity to play into, even amplify, their sensitivities surrounding appearance and body image, their preoccupation with diet and weight control, and a propensity towards eating disorders. From your rich experience, how true is it?

Debi Laszewski: I realize with this sport comes the epidemic of eating disorders, which I am one that has no personal disorders with this. I have seen people that suffer mentally with food, whether it's eating too much or consume themselves emotionally by what they are eating. I feel people who suffer in this sport with these issues, should not put more pressure on themselves to compete. Taking care of oneís health and wellbeing should be the most important pursuit.

9. How do you juggle clients and competing? You must be extremely busy all the time. How do you fit in your own training and food prep?

Debi Laszewski: I am very blessed to have the business that I do; it allows me to live the lifestyle that I enjoy. I am able to work my clients around my daily activities in being a pro bodybuilder. I also work with many clients abroad online, which also has grown my business.

10. What do you think is the biggest issue facing people who hire personal trainers today?

Debi Laszewski: Itís simple, like in any profession; make sure your choice in a personal trainer was made by a reference!

11. How has bodybuilding changed your life?

Debi Laszewski: Besides what we have already discussed, it has helped me to grow into a strong, independent woman with very good self-esteem. I can say I am very happy where I am today, especially in how I view myself. I speak my mind any negativity that may come my way, I have come to realize where it is rooted and it just doesnít bother me.

12. What is the best advice you have ever been given?

Debi Laszewski: To Believe in Myself!

13. Who are your role models in the fitness industry or otherwise?

Debi Laszewski: Lenda Murray and my coach, George Farah. They both walk the talk.

14. How do you like to spend your leisure time?

Debi Laszewski: Spending time with my boyfriend and also my dog, Harley. I love shopping and gardening. Spending time doing all sorts of silly things with my sister.

15. Muscle lovers will really have a hard time controlling themselves when they get a look at your official members' site - What are they going to find there?

Debi Laszewski: They can go to my website,, they will find gallaries of posing/swimsuit shots and also my store section, where thay can purchase autographed 8x10s, I have quite a few new and exclusive pictures to choose from. They can also tweet me @ifbbprodebi or facebook me. I also train many atheletes around the world, you can go to my site to see what I offer as well.

* I would like to thank my sponsors - Protan and Ironville Clothing for their continued support in my bodybuilding endeavors.

Thank you!!!!! See you at the Olympia....2012.

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