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Background: My 1st husband Powerlifting Legend Doug Young got me into the Iron Sports. I at the time was an Arabian Horse trainer in Texas when I met him.
I trained for and competed in Powerlifting in order to put on as much size as I could for Bodybuilding. I qualified for USPF Nationals my 1st meet, won US Powerlifting Nationals my 2nd meet by beating the reigning World Champion by 92 lbs. And my 3rd meet I pulled an unofficial World Record Deadlift of 501 lbs at bodyweight of 167 lbs.

Diet off-season vs. pre-contest: More Variety of proteins, carbs and essential fats. Precontest is pretty simple: eggwhites, turkey, white fish and green veggies thatís it.
Most effective diet - high protein with moderate low glycemic carbs and essential fats at most meals. Iíve never had a diet fail. Iíve worked with some of the top Coaches in the Industry and the diets varied greatly and results from almost opposing methods still rendered great results. Which I have always found interesting.

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I only do cardio when I have to precontest. Rest of year I save my strength and energy for lifting. I always gravitate back to what I love which is basic compound movements and the Program my 1st husband taught me, although I donít focus on the Power Lifts per se, itís still the basic program I used for lifting... I love and enjoy it and it works.
Itís taken years of work on myself, my mind and consistency to stop using food (for the most part) like a drug.... Iíve a recovered drug addict. Oct 20th I will be 20 yrs clean. And after I cleaned up of course food was one of the go-toís to satisfy ďThe AddictĒ.... so itís been a long haul... but my lifting for my sanity, my job as a Trainer/Contest Prep Coach has helped keep me in line... and just time working on myself and my issues, healing has helped me at least somewhat find balance... I donít think a competitive Bodybuilder is ever really balanced compared to necessarily the real world folk... as any top athlete must be engrossed and consumed in order to be at the top level.

Building self-confidence: Powerlifting helped a lot. My 1st husband helped a lot believing in me helped teach me to believe in myself. Iíve done a lot of mind work on myself which is an ongoing love.

One of the greatest experiences Iíve had was competing this year in Mixed Pairs / Couples Bodybuilding with my husband Brandon Best. We won the Canadian National Championship in July. Itís very special to do the thing you love with the person you love. An amazing experience.

This years Canadian Nationals 2016 I felt the best ever onstage as far as what I brought. The greatest thing about that was how comfortable I felt onstage because Iíve suffered greatly from stage fright always, although Iíve gotten better and better over the years. Unfortunately I suffered a terrible back injury after Nationals and had already entered the North Americans 5 wks later. It took 20 days of Hell to get my back better with the help of tons of professionals. I pulled the North Americans off and must say Iím extremely proud of myself for pulling it out and probably felt the most ďat easeĒ at that show than any other, as I knew what I had to go through just to make it and was amazed at what I accomplished winning one of my classes at the North Americans in spite of what I had gone through.

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Future plans- Canadian Nationals 2017.... and to earn my IFBB Pro Card....

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