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I've started competing just for fun in 2009 in IFBB bikini division and then I had 6 years break. My last competition was figure novice which I took very seriously. It was my first time dieting and lifting weights properly. So it was a very big challenge to compete on such a high level for the first time. I've always had confidence issues being on stage so I knew it was my weakness. I've tried to build my self confidence by going to every posing class I could and practice on the techniques. With hard work and determination to get better I've build my confidence step by step and was ready to step on stage as a new me.

My diet was very simple based on my blood type. I had a very good trainer who has designed an eating plan for me. My diet involved lots of lean meat, salmon, rice, oats, fruits, egg whites, sweet potatoes, green vegetables, cottage cheese. So I followed the same diet all the way through until pre-contest day. My diet hasn't changed much since except I eat more fish, fruits now. My trainer has always told me "if it isn't broken don't fix it".

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My training program is lifting weight 6 days a week and a little bit of cardio for warm up. I do enjoy going for a fun along the coast on the weekends and doing yoga once a week just to stretch and centre my mind. It is important to work on your physique but it is also important to keep your mind healthy and balanced.

On my last competition I was placed second and was absolutely thrilled. It has been a life changing experience and it obviously has made me a stronger, more confident and better person then when I first started. I would highly recommend competition for any one, you only gain not loose.

My future plans are changing a career path. I would love to become a personal trainer. I will still be competing again this year and will try to improve myself more.

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