Dany Bianca - Figure Competitor

Dany: I have been in the gym environment for approximately 7-8 years. I always like the gym, when I started I began to noticed significant changes in my body and I was happy but I never took my training that serious. My main problem was I had lack of motivation since my closed friends didnít like the gym as much as I do. They were more into parties, drinking, bad nutrition habits and so on; so I felt always discouraged at that time because I was the only one into fitness .I remember used to follow all the athletes specially the bodybuilders and read all and each of them stories, nutrition, and workout plans I used to admire their commitment, into this sport called Bodybuilding.

I always knew I could compete and win, I canít explain with words but I always felt I could be one of them. I just needed to find the right person who guides me into my fitness journey. I knew a few things because during my spare time I was always reading about nutrition new supplements coming up and stuff like that, but I knew if I wanted to take my training more serious and professional and become an athlete I needed someone who had more knowledge that I do. Someone expertise in the topic with plenty years of experience training different athletes, someone who could take my body into the next level to win on stage.

Dany Bianca

Dany (right) with IFBB Pro Tana McGowan

Diet and Training

When I am getting ready for contest prep I watch out carefully each of the food I put into my mouth. I avoid any processed food and go for the more green and/or organic one. Basically, my diet is very steady with all the macronutrients that the body needs such as: protein, good fats, and complex carbohydrates. I eat a lot of protein when I am into a contest prep to keep the muscles when I started dieting down and I reduce the intake of sodium to avoid the retention of water into my body. During my off season I indulge a bit more food, nothing too crazy, but neither too obsessed if I am having a coffee with an artificial sweetener instead of stevia. I still try to eat as much as healthy as I can. Sometimes, I have fruits in the morning since they have a good source of vitamins and minerals that our body needs and I accompany that with an egg white omelette.

Every individual its different and we have all different needs what work for me may not work for another person and vice versa with that being said, for me I noticed a significant change when I start controlling the portion of my macros and start to be more organized with the time I have to eat all of them and my workout schedule.

Before of having my coach and mentor the IFBB Pro Tana McGowan I followed a program that I was not satisfy with the results and I felt very unmotivated at that time when a good friend of mine at the gym who have tons of knowledge of nutrition and fitness sat me down and told me I donít see your body is changing to become a figure competitor. That program that you are following is not for you he said. I remember at that time I felt really sad because I wanted to compete and win and I wanted bad enough, and I was doing the best I could. I think the program I followed at that time was not meant to me and my body needs, thatís why nowadays when I meet people saying they want to compete I always emphasize in telling them make sure you find a coach who knows what she or he is doing since you are putting on his/her hands your body, health, and dreams to step on stage and look at your best physique, and if you believe your body is not changing donít be afraid to switch program and find someone else. Is not the same to be on a diet to lose a few pounds just to look good for the summer than being on a diet for contest prep is a different ball game. We diet and train really hard to achieve the best physique ever on stage!

I will be honest with you, at the beginning was very hard for me manage my gym schedule, work, buying groceries when you are on a contest prep and prepping my meals. I needed to be extremely organized like a military almost specially because I wanted to do well on my shows and I didnít want to be just a number on stages. I wanted that the judges and the audience look at me, at my hard work and all the sacrifices I did to look my best.

For me the key was to be very organize and consistency with my goal to compete. We are all human being and we have all ups and downs, they were times I felt really overwhelming with all that carry of being into a contest prep and I felt like giving up but because of my friends, family and my coach who always believe in me and my potential I didnít pull back. They were always inspiring me and motivating me with words to carry on another day and to do my best!

On Stage

Self-confidence: I watched on YouTube and those Pro figure competitor from United States when they were modeling on stages and I used to mimic them in front of the mirror of my house LOL but I used to always added ďmy own personal touchĒ to the walk and the posing. I remember telling my best friend Maria Teresa Dianes to come to my house to see me posing and walking in high heels therefore she could see how I will perform on stage with my flow hahaha LOL. She used to laugh because she knows on my daily basic I donít walk like that.

Oh Wow! I have so many experience to share I will end up this interview in 2 days if I started talking LOL. I did 2 shows so I will share with you my most recent experience at the Toronto Pro Show.

When I was during the athlete check-in I was really calm down. I was talking to other competitors (men physique, and bodybuilding mostly) so we were chilling out and talking and relaxing a bit, sharing our biggest struggles and mentioning the first thing we will do after getting off stage. I arrived at the venue with my coach really early, if my memory serves me right around 5am on a Friday for my tanning, hair and makeup, keeping in mind that I have an extra long hair to take care and we were over 500 athletes competing those 2 days. I went on stage for prejudging very late around 9pm. 10-15 minutes prior when I went backstage and I took my robe off showing my body on my suit to everyone and started pumping up I got super nervous because I knew all the months of sacrifice, pain, tears, sweat, will end up when the start walking on stage in front of the audiences and the judges.

I got into a zone and Iíve just remember what my coach was telling me at that moment, she said: I did my job to bring you the best physique you always wanted, this is the moment we were working so hard for so many months to qualify for Nationals, itís your called what happen when you start walking out at that stage and the light hit, you have to show your best, you have to be confident with you own body and bit sassy because youíre being judge! This is your moment she said, itís time for you to show the judges what you been working on, this is the time to shine, to shine as a diamond! And I did well in fact; I got the first call out with so many beautiful girls on my class, and for finals which was on Saturday morning I got second place on my class at a Provincial level.

Dany Bianca

Future plans

Right now, I just want to enjoy the rest of the summer. I keep training because I love to workout but not to the point of going to the gym 2 times per day like I used to do when I started diet down. I havenít decided as of yet when is going to be my next move. I like to go with the flow and not to over think too much of my next contest prep as of yet. When we are into contest prep we are under a stress not only physically but also mentally and itís not good to be the whole year like that, you can get mentally sick, thatís why we have our off season when we try to rest and enjoy life a bit!

I would like to take a minute to truly thank you to all the people who were there for me during my toughest time during my preps and made the effort to see me on my shows. They all know they have a special part in my heart forever! Especially, always thankful to my coach IFBB Pro Tana McGowan who always believe in me and my potential and Mary Valid professional athlete and national Canadian figure competitor for helping me with my posing and supporting me as well in my fitness journey.

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